Digital Images from Ellen Ellis!

Ellen's shots of CRA People

Updated 9/21/19

Willy Bandy

Don the Barber from Petaluma

Don "The" Barber

John Barnes

Jimmy Blanton

Jimmy Blanton with Ron Chaffin

Andy Bondio

Andy Bondio

Chad Boat with Wags

Alvin Clark and Dennis Matusek

Mike and Evelyn Clark at Ventura Wagsdash

Sonia Duffy and Krista

Danny Ent

Biker Bruce Fischer and Glenn Crossno

Biker Bruce Fischer and Carol Wolfe

Biker Bruce Fischer

Biker Bruce Fischer

Biker Bruce Ficsher with Gale Forester

Biker Bruce Fischer

Bruce Bromme Jr

Bruce Bromme Jr

Bruce Bromme Jr

Bruce Bromme Jr

Bruce Bromme Jr

Joe Ellis with Wags and Bunny at Knoxville

Joe Ellis with Don and Dode Templeton and Harley Martin

Joe Ellis with Joy Paulson and Norm Bogan

Joe Ellis with the Wags

Joe Ellis with Jan Fargo

Joe Ellis with The Wags and Jim Herderich

Joe Ellis

Jack Gardner Sr

Walt James

Agnes Johnson Hosts Joe Ellis, Wags and many more every Knoxville Nationals

Agnes Johnston's Knoxville's feeds were well attended

Bubby Jones with Dave Argabright

Bubby Jones

Bubby Jones

Bubby Jones with Wags

Bubby Jones with Rip Williams

Davey Jones

Davey Jones

Davey Jones

Jack Jory

Jack Jory

Big Steve Kimmel and Maggi host Joe and the Wags

Maggi Kimmel cooking something up

Crazy Darrell Magnuson

Bobby Martin

Kenzo Okubo

Kenzo Okubo

Joy Paulson with Tony Poole

Steve Ostlings father Ken

Joy Paulson

Danny Pivoveroff

Bill Pratt

Ed & Juanita Rausch

Ed & Juanita Rausch

Don Read, Don Zabel and Lee Vodden

George Rimmer, Russ Creason and Terry Secora "OL Milwaukee"

Laurie Sertich visiting in the pits

Randy and Julie Shiosaki with John Scott

Julie Shiosaki and Leroy Sweeney

Marv and Sherri in Ventura Grandstands

Marv and Sherri with a T-Bucket and two cats

Sherri Spencer and one of her favorite drivers Johnny Rutherford

Leroy and Marie Sweeney

Marie Sweeney

Mark Thrasher and The Wags

Jim Thurman, big sprint car fan from Kansas City

Jim Van Natta

Larry Wagner one time crewman for Eddie Wirth

Larry Wagner, no we are not related

Harlan Willis

Mrs Wags with The Trashers

Wags with Flagman Lee Jaskowiak

Wags with Tom Schmeh

The Wags with their dogs and Juie Shiosaki and Carol Wolfe

Wags gathering at Cronies

Another Wags feed and Cronies view

Mrs Wags with her first race used camera

Mrs Wags and Dubya

Mrs Wags walking the dog at Ventura

Mrs Wags with a present from Mike Clark

Mrs Wags, the little devil

Mrs Wags with SCRA official

A Happy Mrs Wags

The Wags group at Terre Haute

Mrs Wags with Ron Didonato

Rip Williams with Bubby Jones and Joy Paulson

Rip Williams and Jack Jory

Harlan Willis

Harlan Willis

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