Walt Stevens



Walt walking towards the starting line at Bakersfield



The end


With his helmet he once wore

Drag Racing Hall of famer Walt Stevens

Walt and his wife Marie

That's a big trophy!

Chief Walt

walt with Wags

Walt and his friend


Walt and wife Marie

Walt after getting out of a Cacklefest car

At the podium

Walt with some old dudes

Walt with friends groups

Walt and family at the Hall of Fame banquet where he was inducted into it

Winternationals winners circle


Walt and a crew with a blond in the car

Walt with Josh Ford

Walt has been involved with the Josh Ford Sprint Car Racing team for years

The Josh Ford car

Walt working on a tire

He once drove this car

The Piranha he drove

Walt in the Piranha

Walt sitting in the Piranha

Walt in the Piranha

Walt in the Piranha

Walt in the Piranha

The Piranha parked

Walt in the Piranha warming it up

The Piranha

Top fuel dragster

The Addict top fueler

The Odd Couple on the gas

Walt in the A & W Root Beer fueler

The A & W Root Beer top fueler

The Surfers top fueler



walt in the Outcast full bodied car

A fuel roadster he drove

The Poachers top fueler

Walt in the Poachers car

Walt in the Poachers fueler

Walt in the Poachers

Walt in another shot of the Poachers

Walt getting ready to fire the Poacher car

The poachers moving to fire


Walt climbing in the Poacher fueler

Walt in the seat at Bakersfield hot rod reunion

Walt in the Poachers

Walt at the cacklefest in Bakersfield


Walt being pushed at Bakersfield



A happy Walt

Walt in the Odd Couple Gas Dragster

Walt in the Odd Couple Gas Dragster again

The Odd Couple top gasser Walt drove to a Winternationals win

The Odd Couple

Walt warming up the Frantic four car

Walt in the Freight train?

Walt and Dunlap both lost fire nd pushed their cars to the finish line. I was there at the Hot Rod Magazine race at Riverside Raceway

A boat he once drove

Walts trophy

His own street sign

High Speed car action

Walt has been involved with the High Speed modern front motored top fueler team for many years

The big trophy

Bill Dunlap drove at this time

The car in the staging lanes

Just waiting for their turn

Walt lining him up

Walt and crew posing with big Trophy

They won the March meet this year in 2017

Walt explaining something to Josh Ford

Walt watching the process in between rounds

The crew very busy with the AA/FD maintenance

Some of the team ladies selling t-shirts

The High Speed pit

Staging at the line

In the staging area

Still waiting

A nice graphic on the side of the trailer

More work

It never ends

The team truck pulling the car to staging

High Speed car at Famosa reunion

Another view

Ready to blast off

checking before blastoff

High Speed smokin'


Moving out

The chutes out

This is the current look for the High Speed car

Racing at the annual Hot Rod Reunion at Famosa Drag Strip north of Bakersfield, CA

Mindy on the gas

Chute coming out for Mindy

Mindy wins the March Meet in 2017

Mindy smokin it

In the winners circle with Mindy

Mindy celebrating a big win


Walt with Maria and crew

Walt, Marie and crew

Moving along

In the staging area before a run

Ready to go

Walt wandering the staging area

March meet winners

I was into drag racing when Walt was driving a bunch of dragsters and funny suff like the Piranah back in those days. Even though I might have actually talked to him in my drag racing days because I was known to wander around in the pits and take some pics and talk to whoever would talk back. I later met him at Santa Maria probably 20 years ago and was amazed at his history looking back. We have become friends and I have tried to get to the Reunion drags at Fomosa every yeaar to watch his High Speed team race and they are very good. I met their new driver, Mindy, last year and she's pretty impressive. I see Walt at the sprints alot as he hangs around the Ford Mortorsports team. He's fun to be with and I always like visiting with him and Maria his wife. He promised me a sitting in a fired up top fueler someday, but it's still on my bucket list. He's very well liked and is a member of the NHRA Hall of Fame so he's one of my famous friends.

Updated 3/11/18