R.I.P. Walt Kennedy

Walt and the Trophy Queen

Walt in # 48

Walt pondering?

Walt in the winners circle


Walt and Dottie

Waly getting a hug

Walt and some ladies

# 43 at Ascot 1988

Walt on the CRA tour at Okie city

# 48 Walt on the front stretch with Ripper in Jan Gaffney's # 47 car

# 15 at Knoxville in 1989

# 48

# 9

Walt scattering the photogs with a little wheelstand

# 6

# 23 at Ascot in 1989

# 88

Walt on the inside of Bubby Jones

# 6 Walt inside Billy Felts

# 4 Walt leading Deano

# 6 Walt again leading Deano at Speedway 117

# 6 Walt into turn three

# 6 walt inside Don Hawley Jr

Walt in the Curb records # 4

Walt won 9 CRA races in his career. He had 34 lifetime fast times and was fast timer 6 times in 1974 and broke the Ascot record in 4 of those races. Some of the champion drivers he put in 2nd place when he beat them were Eddie Wirth, Billy wilkerson, Jimmy Oskie and Dean Thompson. Pretty amazing, huh! His carreer was nearly 20 years, but apparently he didn't run for points. He was friendly when I met him and always signed autographs and talked with the fans. His last ride was Ford powered and it was a fast car. He is very missed by fans and racers alike.

Updated 10/31/17