Wags with other race folks

Trophy Dave Pusateri at the last Ascot race

Trophy Dave Pusateri created every Wagsdash trophy we ever had in his San Jose Trophy City shop

Grandma Rosie at Santa Maria

Don Flanders at Ventura

Brenda Pecharich of 14 K jewelry at Manzy

Bill Boat Sr loaning me a Harley shirt for Halloween

brain fade send me his name

Pepper Fite

Biker Bruce got Wagsbucks

Biker Bruce a very special person. I always wanted to go to Sturgis with him, but it never happened due to my racing schedule

Sal Acosta getting Wagsbucks

Promo guy Doug Stokes when he was at Perris

Dave Williams of Low Buck Tools fame. He hand built just about anything. His motorhome, his race cars, his Knotts style town front behind his house. Very talented.

My friend Don Blair who left money to the CRA racers in his will. I was on that distribution deal, but it didn't happen?

Frank Lewis at Terre Haute

Kevin Eckert at the Wagsdash

Paul Anton from the midwest

Glenn Howard

Glenn Howard

Dwight Chaney getting Wagsbucks

Matt Pecharich at Manzy

Ron Rodda a No Cal writer

Dave Argabright .

JC Agajanian Jr

Another brain fade. Send me your name

Bill Pratt

Dean Roper

Dean Mills

Chris Holt

Chris Holt

Chris Holt at Bakersfield party

Nelson Stewart a really nice man

Mike Siefert once sold die cast cars and is now Hosehead WEST PHOTOG

Jack Gardner who quit the horsepower world to go off and live a regular life. Sure miss him!

Jack Jory, one of the nicest car owners. The CRA owes him for his support!

Petie Ruth a very nice lady. Her and the pipe smokng husband were around CRA forever

Dale Fry's artistic ability made great sprint car illustrations

Tom Schmeh a man who has all my respect for what he has done for racing

Tom Schmeh came to the Wagsdash once on his travels for the Knoxville Hall of Fame Museum

Tom Schmeh on one of his trips to the PAS

Mrs Wags niece callie who came from Oklahoma to be the Wagsdash trophy queen one year

Leroy Sweeney a long time friend

Leroy Sweeney always helped his son Verne

Larry Jolly always helped the racers

Jack Gardner getting some Wags Tow Bucks on a CRA tour

Ben Lancaster another car owner retired

Mike Truex my media buddy

Ron chaffin, a neat car owner who always gave his teams what they needed to win.

Mike Nye checks out Dubya my racetrack dog

Jim Naylor always helping me raise money. Here he gets the crowd to bid on a drivers autographed helmet

Jim Naylor in a cool hat looking out for me as he made the Wagsdash the greatest thing we ever accomplished in Wagtimes lore

Jim Naylor made wagsdash day special every year

Jim Naylor keeping an eye on me and my Wags stuff

Jim wells my buddy who did pool cleaning for years and worked the pits every race

Speedy Bill Smith let us go into his private museum and gave us a neat tour back on a CRA tour years ago

Danny Tramel once loaned me about 10 Ford Pintos to put my Ascot Legends in. My guys beat the cars to heck, but everyone had fun

Ralph Capitani visiting at Knoxville

Brad Geurin

Cal Smith's wife Debi attacking me

Linda Venard giving me love at Perris

Steve Stroud greeting me at his amazing museum for racing

Steve Stroud hosted me in his Parker Stores business before his Arizona Museum ever got started

Steve Stround accepting the special Wagsdash winners trophy for his museum

J D Cormack at a Cracker Barrell in Tulsa

Dirty Danita Cardey at the Wagsdash

John Gardner brought the chili from his La Villa Restaurant the last few years of the Wagsdash. It made it easier, but the Wagtimers and I missed the cooking chili on Fridays and the fun we had

Laurie Sertich in my Mission Viejo den

Laurie Sertich gets Wagsbucks at the Ovals

Mark Alexander gets Wagsbucks too!

Kim Toops looking happy

Race fan Sherry was captured by me digitally for years and was a favorite

Rodney Argo and his new friend at the 94' wagsdash at El Centro

J D Cormack at the Chili Bowl where he worked relentlesssly each year to raise money for charity

Nellie Stansberry looks happy to see me!

Ray Stansberry brought me a present! Turns out it was a red and white polka dot soft top cover for my Mule. Thanks Ray I needed that

Ray Stansberry getting some Wagsbucks

The 51's energy drink girls bookend Wags

Nick Mitchell, Matt;s dad, always had a smile for me

My gone but not forgotten Dusty who could sing like a dog when he was prompted. It's the only thing I ever taught him

Kim Lewis pllaying along at our Cronies hijenks. She is a former sprint car driver

Another Cronies funseeker. I don't remember her name, but her hisband built motors and she was a cutie!

Danny Pivoveroff was a great car owner with drivers like Mike Kirby, Lealand McSpade=den and Troy Cline among the many.

Hal Engstrom gave Mike Spencer his start in racing. Hal has been around helping many since he parked his # 44

The former NARC t-shirt trailer owner was a lot of fun. The last time I saw him he was running the Cornhole tournements at the PAS during the Oval Nationals a few years back.

Windy McDonald was the voice of Manzy for many years. He left us with some history books of Arizona racing.

Dave Swindell was running Hanford when this was taken

Dick Jordan was training me the USAC way of race reporting. I don't thnk it took because I only lasted a year

Carrie Kruseman

Kim Craft's wife Kim Sue, I think

Steve Bietler the promoter at Skagit. Nice guy and was a former racer turned helper to racing

Freddie Sachs the CRA scorekeeper for years who always made sure I got the right hard chager to give the money to. I didn't wait for him one year and had to pay it twice when I found out ewho should have got it

Kevin Eckart at the Chili Bowl

Evelyn Pratt getting Wagsbucks back in the day

Jeff Gardner, aka fatehr of Ronnie, one of the good guys of racing

Jeff Gardner getting some Wagsbucks

Joe Godoy a great fan and supporter of racing

Vinnie Latner in his world, working on winning race cars

Rich Sheridan, Danny's father, was always there at the races helping and having fun

Nelson Stewart at Las Vegas always a happy guy

Carol Wolfe relaxing at a Las Vegas CRA race

Maria Gardner as she came to serve the chili at the Wagsdash

Ronnie Case's mom cmae to the Wagsdash

My friend Mike Conklin who was a big soccer fan

Drake York gathered over $300 in our hard charger jar, this at Calistoga

Shelly Ostling must have said something very profound to me and I was thinking it over

Dean Mills probably getting advice on where to have dinner

Brian Kittle alowed me to "ride along" with his Kittle Race team for several years. Some of the best times!

Carey Smiley, one time driver, is married to Tony

Tommy Hunt has a rich raicng background and now make the Vermeil Classic special at Calistoga

Greg Staab was one of those special race people from his driving and owning cars to his involvement with USAC and racing in general. Sadly his life ended tradgedly when his home burned down and he later passed before really recovering.

Doug Allen always helping me and training me with my camera as I was always lost. He still sends pics to post on my site

Ben Thrasher looks like someone, his sister Bethany, is bombing his photo here

Ricky Johnsonm RJ's father, is fun at the races.

Steve Vodden was one of the best flagman CRA ever had. He was the one flipping in the air at El Centro years ago in that fanous picture

This NASCAR star was sponsored by Kawasaki and they came to our offices for a little show and tell. Great visit with all employees who went outside to see

Tom Downing, the only driver who ever allowed me to pack the track in his car. Of course he later told me I fouled the plugs I was going so slow! I was trying to stay away from my friend Verne Sweeney whop was mudding me

Brad Noffsinger rides in the Mule during the National Anthem performing his Grand Marshal duties

Created 4/19/18