Wags with Wagtimers

Don "The" Barber on a cold night at the PAS

Don "The" Barber in Indiana in the backyard of the home of a long time fan we used to see at Eldora a lot

Lee Ann Normoil at a Wagsdash

Le Ann Normoil looking at the Wagsbook at Wagsland Vegas

Stan Cook

Kevin Wagner

Lee Vodden

Maggie Kimmel bringing me the jams she made for me

Russ Creason

Tina Dils at Bakersfield

Tina Dils with me at Wagsland

Tina Dils

Darleen and Wags in the Las Vegas grandstands

Darleen Dils at Susquehanna

Darleen Dils with the Wags in their hoe in Menden, Nv

Stubby Dils looking pretty good after all his serious health problems

Bob Welch at Knoxville

My friend Agnes Johnston. I spent many years in her camping spot eating and visiting with all who came by. She was always popular at Knoxville

Agnes Johnston at her summer home in Knoxville

Agnes Johnston

Belt Buckle Bob

Judy Pettigrew with my hat she got in a mini auction

Wagsdash Trophy Girl Karen B

Collette Stewart

L T Works from Nacogdoches, Tx having breakfast at Knoxville with me

Mike Clark

Mike Clark was our kitchen specialist at the Wagsdash as he toiled away from the action keeping the chili heated and coming

Mike Clark explaining something important

Mike Clark at a Wagtimes auction table

Kim Lafond and I at an early 90's CRA banquet

Kim Lafond

Kim Lafond at Skagit

Steve Lafond at wagsland

Steve Lafond at Skagit

Steve Lafond with a neck bracee after some serious neck surgery

Steve lafond with one of his "selfies" of us everytime we got together

Steve Lafond cozies up to me in a restaurant

Steve Lafond getting a neat award from the Calistoga Hall of Fame for his years of photography excellence

Norm Bogan

Tory Clarett my grandson

Hallie Hollenbech my friend. He was my proof reader. He was a tech writer for one of the airlines and would give me back my Wagtimes newsletter with a lot of red marks. He tried t make a writer out of me. He was a big sprint car fan

Kenzo Okubo a great friend. He had a physically challenged mens clothing store downtown. I bought a dozen suits from him and we had some warm times together as he taught me about Japanese history

My friend Kenzo Okubo

Bud Burchell at Wagsland

Don Zabel

Julie Shiosaki my buddy for a long time.

Julie Shiosaki

Julie Shiosaki with her Tony Stewart dog bone for Hailie

Julie Shiosaki lookig for something

Julie's Shiosaki's mom Joyce

Joy Paulson a long time fan and friend of racing

Joe Ellis at Agnes's place in Knoxville

Joe Ellis and I at an old museum looking at the Stenneger-Essenbaugh top fuel dragster

Ellen Ellis up to something

Ellen Ellis cornered me

Sherri Spencer enjoying my B Day

Sherri Spencer having fun with the Wags feed B Day party

Sherri Spencer relaxing in the Wags truck full of Wagsdash stuff as we cook the chili

Lois Ward addressing my 60th B Day cake at the PAS

Lois Ward addressing my 60th B Day cake at the PAS

Pat Grant another recently retired photog from texas

Sonia Duffy one of the key Wagtimers over the many years we helped the racers

Sonia Duffy working hard in a Wags booth like usual. She was always ready to help

Sonia Duffy my pal

Randy Shiosaki, my good friend who deug me along on a lot of race trips.

Randy Shiosaki went off to another world and I miss him

Mark and Ben Thrasher

Catfish a crewman for Don Argo's Ford sprinters

Bethany Dewitt and me at the Chili Bowl

Mike Truex interviewing me at a Wagsdash

"Chucko" Chuck Fry another Photog friend

Jim Fargo started giving me framed racing shots to give Wagsbucks donators who gave me the most each race. That went on for a number of years and was a big help

Jack Kraemer with Wags at Perris

Gerry Johnson would sometimes be my photog helper

My grandson Tory and I in Phoenix for the last Manzy race. It rained and we went to a Dodger-Diamondback game. Dodgers won and I had to take him home on sunday and missed the actual last race there.

Jeff Kohler, our traditional sprint fan from PA, brought his wife to Calistoga

Fran Herdrich snuck up on me

Stan Perry, the fire chief at a Bakersfield fire station, was also a big sprit car fan. He had several kids that came to the races with him often. A great family!

Karen B was the Wagsdash Queen

Toby Sampson the Okie beer taster at Calistoga

Created 4/19/18