Over the years we had a Wagsbash party at our home in Mission Viejo. Many racers, fans and Wagtimers came to party with us. Maybe you will recognize your younger selves? It wasn't a booze party, as most who came didn't bring any brown bags and the theme was always to settle down after a big feed and tell your own story plus ask questions about the future. These gatherings were great and the food that showed up was oftem amazing. They came from far away to get together. Many were big time supporters of the Wags stuff and had fun with us. Unfortunately, some of these smiling faces are no longer with us. OH, I list names left to right.

Wagsbash parties


Myra and Larry Jolly, Natalie, Gene and Nancy Tussing and Pat and Norm Bogan

The debut of our banner made by Jerry Hdson, famus racer car design artist

Tim Matthews with Mrs Wags and Nancy Tussing behind

Don "The" Barber with Hal, Marie and Tim Matthews. Hal and Tim never missed races for years until Ascot closed. We still saw them occasionally, but they retired off in Arizona I heard.

Larry Jolly and Jerry Hudson. Jerry still comes racing, but his bicycle crash years ago on the way to the Long Beach Grand Prix nearly paralized him. After a long time in the hospital, it was difficult to get back to his working on race cars making them prettier. He created the first Wagtimes logo from a stick figure drawing I did, and it has lasted the test of time. Originally it had a wing car and a traditional one. When I changed my desire to wingless, he took the wing off.

Gene and Teresa. Gene used to wear a huge cowboy hat at Ascot and he was often sitting near us. Mrs Wags made friends and explained how the view behind him was limited. He changed to a baseball cap and everyone was thrilled.

Don "The" Barber and Wags. Don was the original member of the Petaluma Posse I met and there was a long list of those fans that later went racing with us back east. Don is a lifelong barber and still cutting hair today. He, like us, doesn't travel much these days, but having a dirt track very near his home, makes it easier to go on Saturday nights.

Mrs Wags with Myra Jolly and Gene and Nancy Tussing. The Jolly's and Tussing's were part of the original Wagtimes sprint car fans group that got all this Wags stuff started. Nancy became an Orange County cop for some reason. When she passed, Gene went off to Montana or someplace remote and we havn't seen him in many years.

Pat Bogan

The steps up to the living level and dining room area where the food was. Everything was upstairs except for the garage and entry way. we really liked that place. In later ears I had a stair chair installed to make it easier to go up and down. I used it for groceries and packing stuff up mostly

"The" Barber, Mrs Wags, Tim Matthews and people eating

Mike and Evelyn Clark with Stephen and Judy Pettigrew. Mike got involved with Wagtimes when one night at Bakersfield he asked what my cut was of the money I collected. I had him shadow me for the night and he verified we put all the money in the envelope and gave it to the driver. He was a big help in the Wagsdash's particularly as he was the guy in the kitchen heating up the chili every year when we were serving it up. He always came up with unique auction item's to make money for the racers. He spends a lot of time in Indiana traveling with his own trailer and watching a lot of races.

Stan Cook and Marilyn Thomas with Julie Shiosaki. Stan and Marilyn were a long time couple. Stan sponsored Bobby Michnowicz and was deeply involved in sprint car racing.

Pat Bogan with Wags

Judy Pettigrew, Mrs Wags and Monica Everett

Tom Downing, Wags and ?? and Verne Sweeney

Stephen Pettigrew and Wags

Mrs Wags, Judy Pettigrew, Randy Shiosaki, Lee Jaskowiak (the CRA starter), Tina Dils and Rich Chesavage.

Tom Sertich and Cal Smith

Stubby Dils with Wags

Marie Sweeney with over 40 Mrs Wags and Jim Van Natta. Jim had a long history with racing and still loved going racing until he passed away.

Jim and Fran Herdrich with Mrs Wags and Cal Smith

Marie Sweeney, Kenzo Okubo, Belita Michnowicz and Debbie Smith


Marie Sweeney with someone looking over her shoulder

Stan Cook and Wags

Richard Watkins with Tina Dils

BJ and Charlie Stewart (An old friend of the Darlin' Dils)

A very young Steve and Shelly Ostling. After a great driving career, Steve became the CRA Tech guy until politics stepped in and ended that

Marilyn Thomas with Stan Cook talking with Bud Burchell and Larry Jolly behind

Larry Jolly, Gordon Hollenbeck, and Ken Ostling (Steve's dad)

Pat and Norm Bogan with Helen Burchell

Charlie Stewart, Tina's Tom, with Darleen and Stubby Dils

Tina and Tom, with Charlie Stewart and Stubby Dils

Chris and Linda Holt with Kim Sue Craft

Dennis and Collette Stewart, John Baumann and Mike Clark

Verne's brother Bill Sweeney next to Verne his wife, Stubby Dils, Richard Watkins and Linda Holt

Jack and Natalie

Natalie, Gene and Nancy Tussing, "The" Barber and Myra Jolly

Little John, Richard and Sylvia Watkins and Jack

Gregg and Suzzette Gallant, Norm Bogan, Hal Mathews and Bud Burchell. Gregg worked for a copier company and did some night time copying of the Wagtimes newsletter for me. Often he did some color pages, too. They ended up moving back East and we keep up thru facebook.

"The" Barber, The Wags and the Bogan's

These familiar faces must be watching a racing video

Bud Burchell once asked me if it was OK for him and Helen to be Wagtimers, Being so old he said? Ha ha, whos old now!

Dennis and his two kids, Matt and Allison, with John Baumann, Mike Clark and Richard Watkins

Pat and Norm Bogan and Linda Holt

The look on Mrs Wags face sez were watching porno? The Sweeney family seems good with it and don't worry, it was racing!

Collete and Dennis Stewart, John Baumann, Deloris, Steve and Shelly Ostling

Matt and Allison Stewart fishin' for licorice

I think it's the annual Wags Quiz. The Ostlings and John Bauman are playing along

DJ and Monica Everett, Pat Bogan, Collette Stewart, John Bauman and his wife plus Matt and Allison below

Mrs Wags, Marie Sweeney and Linda Holt comparing rings?

DJ and Monica Everett, Dennis and Collette Stewart with John Baumans wife and the Stewart kids

John Baumann, Steve and Shelley Ostling, Linda Holt, Kim and Kim Sue Craft, John Habbick, Mrs Wags and Bud Burchell

Shift the scene to the right and add Helen Burchell, Tina Dils and the Bogan's

Pat Bogan and Charlie Stewart

Wags with a proud Chris Holt. Chris was instrumental in getting the Wagsbucks word out there so people knew what it was. He was the Ascot infield announcer and still does that at Perris.

Wags and Chris Holt messing around with policeman Ken Ostling keeping an eye on them them

D J and Monica Everett with Gordon somebody?

Dave and Jodee Dunham

The Darlin' Dils, Tina and Darleen and Jack

Mrs Wags Cooking?

Gregg Gallant is watching Wags

Tom and Tina

Chris Holt and Wags

John Baumann with Steve and Shelley Ostling and Darleen

Pat Bogan, Leroy and Marie Sweeney, Linda Holt, John Habbick with Bud and Helen Burchell and Tina Dils below

Bud Burchell, Marie Matthews and Pat Bogan


Dennis, Collette and Allison Stewart

John Habbick, Bobby Michnowicz and Tom Downing

John Habbick, Bobby Michnowicz and Tom Downing with Scotty Burns behind

Gene and Nancy Tussing, Norm Bogan, Shelley Ostling and Wendy Michnowicz. In the background you see Scotty Burns and Bob Michnowicz

D J and Monica Everett. DJ has always been like a son to us. We met him and his father at Ascot when he was just barely out of high school

Kim and Kim Sue Craft with Mrs Wags

Pat and Norm Bogan with Wags

Wags, Marilyn Thomas, Belita Michnowicz with Richard Watkins, Dave Dunham and Larry Jolly below. Dave and Jody had their own street rods, both 409 chevy powered

Pat Bogan and Charlie Stewart

Bob Michnowicz with Scotty and April Burns. Scotty tried promoting Sprints after a lot of motorcycle events. He ran Victorville and then tried to put dirt on the Orange Show track, but it didn't last when his two money guys were gone. Scotty and the family are living back in Oklahoma now


Judy and Stephen Pettigrew with Marilyn Thomas. Judy and Stephen got involved with us on the very first Wagsdash weekend. We were renting a Cruise America motorhome, on the cheep because we knew someone, and they wanted one. They never left the Wagtimes after that

Must be Mrs Wags birthday party?

Tina Dils with Mrs Wags. Note Tom downing with a Mike English name tag on

Mrs Wags with a bad number. Of course today it would be golden

Judy Pettigrew with Mrs Wags

John Baumann and his new wife Lani with Lee Jaskowiak and Wags

Linda Holt and Stan Cook

Chris Holt

April Burns, Tina Dils and Mike Clark

Darleen Dils, Pat Bogan and Charlie Stewart

Tina Dils with Mrs Wags

Hal Matthews, Linda Holt and I think "my brother" Larry Wagner. He's not my brother but a real nice guy

Bud Burchell, John Habbick, Chris Holt, Kim Craft, Stephen Pettigrew, with Judy and Mrs Wags below. Bud became quite the whittler as he made neat stuff. I have a sprint car and a letter opener he made, given to me by Helen after he passed. He had a walking stick with my likeness on it, but I didn't get that one. He spent his last years volunteering at a hospital and that's where he passed.

Helen Burchell, Tina Dils and Lee Jaskowiak

Willie Bandy, Wags and Monica Everett in front of a crowd. Willie was a staunch Ripper fan and he always agitated the Wagtimes crowd in the stands.

Wags with Mrs Wags and Kim Craft. I used to go out to Kim's house during the week when they worked on the sprint car. No, I just watched. He had an old 50's Corvette that was ready for restoration that I lusted after. After his crash that left him unconsious for a while, he came back to drive until he won his only CRA race at Santa Maria, then he retired.

Mrs Wags and Wags

Sitting Willie Bandy, D J and Monica Everett, Tom Downing with Mike Clark, Wags and more

Here's where we go around the room and everbody gets to speak. After all that I always had a few words of wisdom to spew. Those were fun days.

Wags with a birthday cake for Mrs Wags

Wags reading something I wrote to Mrs Wags with Mike Clark looking on

My pretty wife having a good birthday

The crowd looks on as Mrs Wags opens presents

If you shrink down in size, you can take a ride in this little spaceship she said?

Hal Mathews and a pretty lady?

Tina Dils actually thinking about cooking?

Chris Holt and the Wags Bear

Kim Craft and John Habbick.

John and Lani Baumann. John was a crewmann on Dennis Stewart's sprint car

Carole and Brock Burns with Mrs Wags

Dennis and Collette Stewart

Charlie Stewart and Tina Dils

Same pair in the garage t-shirt shopping

Marilyn Thomas and Sonia Duffy

John and Lani Baumann and Scotty Burns with his son Brock

Judy and Stephen Pettigrew with Marilyn Thomas

April Burns and Tina Dils

Kim and Kim Sue Craft with Bud Burchell

Kim Craft

Tom Downing and Mike English before they switched name tags

There were usually more than 75 people at these Wagsbash parties in our small 1600 square foot condo, so seating was at a premium. I always moved the furniture out and brought in those white plastic chairs, but still some were down the steps towards the front door.

Larry Wagner, Linda Holt, Richard Watkins and Marilyn Thomas

It was always like I had my closest friends in the house, and I still treasure that

This is the patio seating out side the kitchen. It was for the kids. Note Lee Jaskowiak is one of the kids and Wags parties always welcomed the racer kids

The small room to the left was my den, about 8 foot square, and some hid in there

Here Mike Clark is telling his story

Larry Wagner, Tom Downing and his date

The Stewart's, the Baumanns's and Scotty and Brock Burns

Carole and Brock Burns

Wags with Monica Everett and Matt Stewart.

John Habbick, Linda Holt, Stan Cook and Marilyn Thomas are speechless with Chris Holt's bantering

Tom Downing with Mrs Wags and a lady who shall remain nameless. She might have been Tom's date and the one who once asked me "which way do the cars go around the track"?

Looks like a break in the action

Hal Matthews is following Mrs Wags and Darleen Dils thru the food line. Looks like it might be a long wait

Larry Wagner, Larry Jolly, Scott, Bud and Carole Burns

April Burns, Tina Dils, Mike Clark, Willie Bandy and Monica Everett

Diane Keck had a great love for dogs. She once brought us a pillow with a perfect likeness of our beloved Dusty Dawg on it.

Hal Matthews and Kim Sue Craft


D J and Monica Everett

Leroy and Marie Sweeney

Willie, Krista and Sonia Bandy

Cat and Jack Algir, Wags and Bud Burchell


Carole Burns with John Habbick over her shoulder

BJ with Gordon Hollenbeck. Hollie as he was called, had a stroke while mowing the lawn one day. He was so stubborn that he finished before going to the hospital. It was the start of him going into assisted living because that wasn't good. He would still come to the Wagsbash's and even go to the races when someone could take him (BJ). He needed my stairchair to get up the stairs at our place for our party. He used to redline my paper Wagtimes newsletter, to help me with my writing skills (?). It didn't work, I never learned the correct writting techniques. Gordon was a former tech writer for the airlines manuals he created, and he tried so hard to help me. He was fun, good natured and always had something nice to say to us.

Cal Smith with a puzzle

Scotty and Bud together, son and father

Jack Algir and Wags. He was a good man who worked on motorcycles most of his life! His wife Cat was a pro bowler when she was young and a hell of a softball player we were told.

Randy Shiosaki is excited, Verne Sweeney looks like he gets it and the night goes on. Verne once bought a shrimp farm in Mexico. He even had some friends invest in it. I remember the federales took the first crop and never heard if he got anthing out of it. He had so many small sponsors on his race car, there were too many to read off. He still drives today and got one CRA win years ago at Manzy. Verne still has that sneaky smile

Randy Shiosaki, John Habbick, Carole Burns, Pat Bogan and Bud Burns

Cal Smith, Jim Blenkarn, his wife and daughter and Debbie Smith. Jim lived just down the street from us. He worked for Honda I think and was quite an engineer. His trailer had the one side open up for easy access.

Tom and Laurie Sertich with Mrs Wags. Tom and Laurie have had the Moosemobile going for many years. After Tom retired from driving, they have had many notable drivers in their car. Mike Boat, Rusty McClure, Greg Bragg, Danny Sheridan, David Cardey, Jake Swanson and now R J Johnson. Laurie makes holidays at the track very festive as she decorates like crazy. Good people and obciously great supporters of racing. She made gold sprint car jewelry for years, and I have some. Don't know if she is still doing it?

Danny Pivoveroff, a man who did a lot of good in racing. At Bakersfield one time, he gave me a greenback like he often did, but when I checked it, a dollar bill was in my hand. Knowing he usually gave me a $100 bill, I asked him about it as we were getting some watermellon at a booth. He was embarrassed when he explained he thought it was his normal offering. He said he had too many buds that night. He moved off north to some where near Petaluma, but his health kept him from going racing much because he couldn't drive anmore. He would call and check on me once in a while. He passed away recently.

A young D J Everett and his bride. DJ moved to North Carolina to become famous as a driver, but ended up an announcer instead. He worked here in Las Vegas at the pave oval and moved to Boise, ID to be near his daughter. Today he announces and drives his own stock car when he has time. And he comes to visit when the big tired trucks race here.

Leroy and Marie Sweeney and Marty Meler and Diane Keck

Dennis and Allison Stewart with Wags

Judy Pettigrew, Willie Bandy, Helen Burchell and below Tina Dils, Sonia Duffy and Pat Bogan

Dennis and Allison Stewart and Mrs Wags in my favorite all time racing shirt

Tom Sertich and Sara Jaskowiack

Add Laurie to that mix

Leroy and Marie Sweeney and Danny Pivoveroff

Mike English with Wags


John Habbick. John was the guy that put together a group of $100 supporters with a plan to find us a new dirt track after Ascot closed. He put a lot of work into it, but nothing ever happened. I supported that effort. He was well liked

Scotty Burns and his daughter

Bud Burchell and D J Everett

Diane Keck and Marty Meler

The Scotty Burns family

John Habbick, Gordon Hollenbeck with Tom and Laurie Sertich

Wags with Bud Burchell

Wags, Bud Burchell and ?? He might have been a driver in John Scott's group

Lee Jaskowiak, Mrs Wags and Tom Sertich

Carole Burns and her grandchild

Marie Sweeney, Little John and Hal Matthews

Pat Bogan, Judy Pettigrew, Darleen and Tina Dils, Marilyn Thomas, Sonia Duffy and Mike Clark

Tom Sertich, Norm Bogan, John Habbick and Gordon Hollenbeck

Bud Burchell, BJ and Willie Bandy

Stephen Pettigrew, Norm Bogan and Hal Matthews

Verne Sweeney, ??, John Habbick, Chris Holt, Marie Sweeney, Mrs Wags, Linda Holt and Wags

Tom Downing and Jim Blecarn

Tina Dils, Ron Didonato, Judy and Stephen Pettigrew, Jim Blencarn and Dennis and Collette Stewart

Darleen Dils

Chris Holt, Mrs Wags, Dennis Stewart, Mike Clark and Willie Bandy

Willie and Sonia with Stan Cook

Jim Blencarn, Wags, Mike Clark and Willie Bandy

Jim Blencarn, Dennis and Collette Stewart, Mike Clark, Willie Bandy, Norm Bogan and Jack Algir. This was when Mrs Wags had painted the house a Pepto Bizmo color

Rich Chesavage and Lee Jaskowiak. Rich fixed a virus on the Wagtimes web page when I was lost and helpless. Lee did all the tile work in our kitchen when we remodled, so he was just visiting his handiwork.

Marie Sweeney with Chris and Linda Holt. Linda always had the biggest smile

Tina Dils, Marilyn Thomas and Evelyn Clark in front of Mrs Wags Dickens Display. She puts only a few out these days so the rest are for sale since we have nearly 100 of those neat little houses.

Dennis and Collete Stewart. A very nice couple who we still get to see at the races when we do go

Evelyn Clark, Marilyn Thomas, Mike Clark, Stan Cook, Willie and Sonia

Tina Dils, Marilyn Thomas, Evelyn and Mike Clark

Bud and Helen Burchell.

Willie Bandy and Norm Bogan

Steve Lafond and Mrs Wags

Wags and Laurie Sertich

Gordon Hollenbeck reading my mistakes in the Wagtimes newsletter to me!

Someone must have said something important

Pat Bogan and Sonia Duffy

B J, Norm Bogan, Pat Bogan, Helen Burchell and Sonia all smiling

?? and Alex Gregoreus

Tina Dils with Marty Meler and Diane Keck

Wags feed

Tina Dils, Evelyn Clark and Marilyn Thomas and those Dickens houses behind them

My son Kevin dropped in and D J and Monica Everett

Monica Everett, Chris Holt, Mrs Wags, Dennis Stewart and Mike Clark

Wags giving Cal Smith a present with Lee Jaskowiak

Cal and Debbie Smith with a product from one of his sponsors

Jim Naylor receiving a Wagtimes thank you trophy made by Trophy Dave in San Jose. Trophyy Dave made all the Wagtimes trophy's over the years. His 25th annual Trophy Cup is this coming week, (October 2018) and his donation to Make a Wish will go over $2 million dollars!! beat that! He helped me get my ducks in order when we started the Wagsdash and went on to make a more famous race which gets national recognition every year. Imagine a 360 race paying a $200,000 purse with the winner getting $25,000 on Saturday night.

Jim Naylor and Biker Bruce. Jim is still promoting at Ventura Raceway going over 35 years I think. He has the annual Turkey night race and I hear it's something to see.

The Wags pondering

Julie, Michael and Randy Shiosaki with Marc Hart. Randy was his crew chief when Marc won the Wagsdash. He was also on Danny Sheridan's crew chief when he won his Wagsdash. Randy is remarried and living in Nashville, TN

Randy Shiosaki, Marc Hart and Biker Bruce. I remember her, just not the name

Krista Bandy and Korie Lafond

Grandson Tory with Granny Terry

Wags with Kim Lafond

Korie Lafond

Wags grading the Wags quiz. I created some interestinng questions about CRA racing and gave out cool prizes

Biker Bruce and Jim Herdrich

Sonia, Wags, Mike Clark and ???

Helen Burchell, Wags and Denise Manandik, former John Scott girlfriend

Terri Bliss, Mrs Wags, Diane Keck and Grandma Rosie

Tom Downing and Wags with what use to be my daily beverage, Dr Pepper, too much sugar and I miss it

Belita and Wendy Michnowicz

Denise Manandik, ???, Terri Bliss and Julie Shiosaki. Terri lives in North Carolina near family now.

Wags with Belita and Bobby Michnowicz

Brian and Buster Venard with Marty Meler. Marty gave the Venards a Mopar motor to run. I think it's still in that car in Buster's garage in Gardnerville, NV

Tom Mize and Lee Jaskowiak. Tom was a CRA official

Lois and Dave Ward and Belita Michnowicz

Some faces are Betty Sauer, Don Weaver, Ron Didonato, Wendy and Bobby Michnowicz and Debbie Smith

Don Weaver, Denise Manandik, ???, Pat Bogan and Wags


Verne and dad Leroy Sweeney

Helen Burchell, Lee Vodden and Don Weaver

Cal Smith, Tom Downing, Lance Jennings and Steve Lafond. Cal Smith missed the Wagsbash one year due to my stupidity. In those days I made out the invites manually. Well his had the date for Sunday the next day, and we always had it on Saturday night. Anyway, imagine our surprise when he and Debbie showed up the next day and we had a mini Wagsbash with them. We ate and visited to make up for my mistake. I wonder if there were others who had the wrong date and didn't come? Cal recently found my phone under the grandstands at Calistoga where I dropped it, and that after me and the guard looked for 30 minutes with no luck! Thanks Cal.

Lance Gremmett and his better half

Fran Herdrich, Linda Venard, Diane Keck, Grandma Rosie, Nicole and Buster Venard

Pat Bogan, Jim and Fran Herdrich and Linda Venard

Gordon Hollenbeck, B J and Wags

Pat Bogan, Sonia Duffy, Fran Herdrich, BJ and Nicole Venard

Wags with a gaggle of funseekers

Another gaggle with Dean Mills, Steve Lafond, Lance Gremett and his dad amoung others

Bobby Michnowicz surrounded by girls

Kim Lafond giving Wags the eye

???, Helen Burchell, Lee Vodden and Steve Lafond

Sonia and Pat Bogan and Charlie Stewart

Sonia Duffy, Marilyn Thomas, Mike Clark, Willie Bandy, Tina Dils and Evelyn Clark

Debbie Smith and Jan Fargo

Bobby and his Mom Belita Michnowicz

Jim Fargo and Jim Herdrich

Wags on his throne

The Venards, Linda, Grandma Rosie, Nicole and Buster, Buster was one of the greats of CRA, but retired too early

Grandson Tory, Mrs Wags and Tom Downing. Tom let me pack the track at Bakersfield in his # 9D car. Forget about me fowling the plugs, I went so slow, that was still quite a rush, especially when Verne Sweeney sprayed mud on me. Tom gave me that helmet I used!

Lance Jennings and his mom and sister

Norm Bogan, Gordon Hollenbeck and me in my den

Wags with Kim Lafond, Debbie Smith, Jan and Jim Fargo

It doesn't take much to pack my tiny den


Mrs Wags with a present as Lois Ward looks on

Marty Meler, Don Read, Tina's Tom, Tom Mize, Jimmy Oskie, Buster Venard and Grandma Rosie

Dave Ward leads em' in chowing down

Krista Bandy and Korie Lafond

Marty Meler, Buster Venard, Wags, Grandma Rosie and Linda Venard

Lance Gremmett with his dad and John Baumann

Darleen and Stubby Dils with Rip WilliaCharlie

The Rip William's family. Take note there are 5 sprint car drivers in this pic

The Wags sitting in their high chairs with the crowd. I used to leave those two seats at the PAS until they disappeared. I could set up my Wagsbucks collections from them. The Mule came later so I didn't miss them. Nobody had a clue to where they went

Ripper and the family came to collect the Wagtimes favorite driver award. Thank you Ripper!

Tony Poole and Darleen Dils checking out a little Wags question

Mike and Evelyn Clark, Stephen Pettigrew and Sonia

Mike Clark brought Mrs Wags two little metal wiener dogs. They are still right by the front door of our home in Las Vegas

Pat Bogan, Sonia and Krista

Mike and Evelyn Clark, Mrs Wags and Pat Bogan

Mrs Wags funny bone got tickled

Biker Bruce is up to something as two of the WilliaCharlie boys watch

Darleen Dils took a lot of these pics, except this one of course

Marty Meler, Diane Keck, Buster Venard, Mike English and Grandma Rosie

Mrs Wags, Stubby Dils and Debbie Smith plus a familiar face

Fran and Jim Herdrich and Mike and Evelyn Clark

Lee Vodden spends part of the year in Wyoming these days.

Russell Bliss, Julie and a sparkling Randy Shiosaki

Cal Smith and Kenzo Okubo. Kenzo owned a clothing store downtown LA that featured suits for height challenged people like me. I bought a number of suits from him, his stuff was quality. We became good friends over the years and his passing left a big hole in my world. He sponsored Kim Craft and others along the way. He loved racing.

Lee Jaskowiak and Don Read. Don was a CRA official and a longtimme Wagtimes supporter

Don Weaver and Belita Michnowich. With Belita's organization skills and Don's racing world contacts, they ran the Legends of Ascot Hall of Fame event for years. He wanted me to take that on, but I live too far to have done it justice.

Tom and Tina having fun

Kenzo and Tachi Okubo having a bite. She was alergic to methanol so he had to undress in the garage when he came home from the races

Darleen in 7th heaven as she and Stubby are with her favorite driver

Ripper receiving the Wagtimes Favorite Driver Award.

Lee Jaskowiak

Lance Gremmett and his dad with John Baumann

Mike and Lori English. A nicer driver you never met. When his car owner Ray Battersby won the lotto, he let me know to not give him any Wagsbucks anymore. He was so gracious. When he crashed a dirt bike and screwed up his leg, that recovery went on forever.

Stubby Dils with Austin Williams.

Ripper and his family in my house, I was so honored. We got Dubya and Dusty from them

Krista with Dusty Dawg

Tom Mize, Lee Jaskowiak and Don Read up to something

Looks like my boys snuck into my den

Biker Bruce brought this beauty to the party

Tina Dils makes friends with Dusty Dawg

Biker Bruce

Steve Lafond takes a nap in my den. Steve met us at our Wagtimes opening event , the Peabody in 1989. It was the debut of Wagsbucks and the Wagtimes t-shirt. It was our first Mrs Wags Chili Feed. Steve walked up and introduced himself and Kim, then asked what we were doing. He bought a shirt, donated to the Wagsbucks, ate some chili and has been glued to the Wagtimes efforts every since. You have my sincere thanks for all you have done. His Hard Charger award has been going every year since 1991. It will happen again here in 2018 at the Western World in Arizona

Steve and Korie lafond. She just got married on 10/6/18. Boy they grow up fast!

Las Vegas reunions

Joe and Ellen Ellis with Darleen and Stubby Dils

We had Italian food catered and it was good

Darleen came down from Minden, NV as all Wagtimers had to travel to get here

Ellen Ellis and Stubby Dils

Sonia and John Duffy

Tracy Johnson and Darleen Dils

Krista and john

Fran Herdrich

Joe and Ellen Ellis and Stubby Dils

Mrs Wags ordering the food?

John Duffy and Jim Herdrich hanging in my man cave

Joe Ellis with Dusty Dawg

Jim and Fran Herdrich

Krista with Fran

Mrs Wags with Sonia

Joe, Mrs Wags and Stubby

Tracy with the girls

Daughter Missy came to watch

Sonie and John, Krista, Trac and David

Tracy, David and Dylin

Dusty trying to get attention while Dubya waits for a treat

Tracy with Wags

Sonia and John

Wags getting Wagsbucks

Darleen and her friend Arlene Roepke

Stubby with the same lady

Jim and Marilyn Fargo

Darleen and Stubby

Marilyn Fargo looks at a photo album

Joe Ellis and Stubby Dils

Sonia, Gerry Johnson and Mrs Wags

Party group

Wags getting more Wagsbucks

Tracy's son Jeff liked the shirt

The Wagtimes trophy with all the Wagsdash winners and Grand Marshals that is in the Arizona Hall Of Fame

Tracy and Jeff

Steve and Kim Lafond

Jim and Marilyn Fargo

Steve Stroud taking charge of the trophy at the Hall of Fame

The Wags

We might try and do another Wagsbash here in Las Vegas next year 2019, stay tuned.

Created 10/13/18