Updated 6/12/20

Steve Koletar

Steve at a Bagley award ceremony

Steve and Kevin Eckart

Steve walking along

Steve with a gang at Susquehanna

Steve with Mike English

Steve with Mike Kirby

Steve helping to cook

Steve cooking with Charles Davis Jr watching


Steve at dinner with a bunch including Steve Lafond


Steve with Evelyn Pratt

Steve behind Korie Lafond

Steve with Gene Crucean and Chad Warner

Steve with Michael Caampbell and Dennis Krieger

Steve with Paul Gould and Ed carlson

Steve with Korie Lafond, Gene Crucean and John Mahoney

Steve Koletar is a photographer of long standing. He was a good friend as we saw a lot of him until his daughgter was born. Since then he has dedicated all his time to her and soon he will be free to travel again as she is getting older. Actually that happened some time ago and now he's back shooting his good stuff. He is ine nice guy and I've missed him over the years. We once toured his Row house in PA and had a ball.

Updated 3/24/18