Rosie Rousell


Rosie restoring his track roadster

Pit pass for 2001 California Roadster Association 7th annual reunion

Rosie and a trophy girl


Rosie getting a trophy

Rosie with a trophy girl

Rosie getting a trophy

Rosie wins again

Rosie with Bob Cross and the trophy girl

Rosie with a cutie on the hood of his racer

Rosie, a sombrero and a trophy girl

Rosie watching

Rosie and a lady

Rosie and a trophy girl

Rosie gets frisky with the trophy girl

Rosie and a small trophy

Rosie and a tall girl

Rosie and another trophy


Rosie with a really big trophy

Rosie with Walt and Dottie James

Rosie getting a trophy with two others

Rosie with Cotton Farmer, A J Foyt and Caroll Shelby 1960

Rosie with Doodles Weaver and Troy Ruttman

Rosie and daughter Renee plus Jim Badger with Howard Gardner


Rosie working on the Tamale Wagon


Rosie posing with his car, the Jackman Special

Rosie in his seat



Rosie getting out of the car

Rosie posing with some kids

Rosie drove this car in England in 1948

Rosie in a big car

Rosie and son Mike

Rosie's roadster

Rosie's car now owned and driven by Tom Malloy

Rosie and an old Lakester

ROsie in # 40 roadster

Rosie's rides

# 1

# 3 Tamale Wagon at El Centro

# 5 Lion Head Special

# 5

# 42

# 78

# 81 against Harris Mills

# 81

# 89

# 96

# 96 Willow Springs 2001

# 96 at the Peterson Museum

# 96

# 1 Jackman car

# 81 outside of # 112

Rosie outside Howard Gardner

# 81 inside Don John's

# 79 against Harris Mills in # 21

# 96

# 81 with Don Ray in # 46 backwards

# 76

Rosie collage 1

Rosie collage 2

Rosie collage 3

Created 3/31/18