Rosie Rousell

Rosie with walt and Dottie James


Rosie with Cotton Farmer, A J Foyt and Caroll Shelby 1960


Rosie working on the Tamale Wagon




Rosie and a trophy girl


Rosie getting a trophy

Rosie built this car for his son Mike


Rosie with a trophy girl

Rosie getting a trophy

Rosie wins again

Rosie with Bob Cross and the trophy girl

Rosie with a cutie on the hood of his racer

Rosie, a sombrero and a trophy girl

Rosie watching

Rosie and a lady

Rosie and a trophy girl

Rosie gets frisky with the trophy girl

Rosie and a small trophy

Rosie and a tall girl

Rosie and another trophy

Rosie getting out of the car

Rosie posing with some kids

Rosie getting a trophy with two others

Rosie restoring his track roadster

Pit pass for 2001 California Roadster Association 7th annual reunion

Rosie posing with his car, the Jackman Special


Rosie with a really big trophy

Rosie drove this car in England in 1948

Rosie in a big car

Rosie and son Mike

Rosie's rides

# 3 Tamale Wagon at El Centro

# 89

# 42

# 1

# 5 Lion Head Special

# 5

# 96

# 96 Willow Springs 2001

# 96 at the Peterson Museum

# 81 against Harris Mills

# 81

# 96

Created 11/17/17