Randy Shiosaki

Randy with Halie

Randy with a CRA official at Santa Maria

Randy with his race car

Randy when he worked for John Scott

Randy at Canyon


Randy smiling? In the pits?

Randy smiling again?

Randy in the trailer with girls

Randy in the Chili Bowl crowd trying to find the pits

Randy in the NHRA pits

Randy hanging up my Mickey Mouse

Lets see, one turn or two?

Are we ready for Canyon?

Randy and the crew are ready for fun

Randy forgot something

Randy helping out

Randy getting help from Leroy Sweeney

Randy waiting his turn at Ventura

Randy working it at Watsonville

Randy and this gang looking for trouble

You want me to come up there and show you how to do it?

Randy contemplating

Randy giving Ryan Bernal the business

Randy checking it out

Randy with a water?

Randy, you can't hide back there

Randy on the move

Randy waiting

Randy and Jimbo dicussing strategy

Ralph wants in on some of this action

Rocket fuel?

You say put the money under the trash can?

Randy training

Now, where was I?

Randy with Kris Kittle

Randy telling Gary Tanaka H....

Randy making a purchase at the So Cal Trailer

Who's driving tonight? Danny, OK 6 tires

Randy with Danny Sheridan

Randy and Jimbo

Randy and a PAS official looking at the skies


Randy on the hauler perusing

Randy working

Randy calculating

Randy under observation

Randy relaxing


Randy working on the # 18

Randy with Danny Sheridan



Randy with Jim Blenkarn and Wags

Julie and Randy with Ron Capps


Randy and Shelley


Randy at the Wagsdash

Randy and Julie at the NHRA drags at Pomona

Randy with Wags

Randy with Ray Stansberry and Wags


Randy is the consumate brainy guy. From his high managorial position with his work company to being a crew chief for two different teams, he is amazing. The boy is too busy to slow down and his new wife is a plus in his world. He is a Laker anad Kings fan and has pretty much given up racing, but not his good friends from racing.

Updated 8/28/17