Paul Dean

Paul Cris Fischer

Paul and Glenn Crossno

Paul and Tony Everhart

Paul visiting

Paul relaxing

Paul and Jimbo working on a rear end

Paul looking for a tool

Paul with Danny on the trailer ramp

Paul and Jim Wolfe



Paul and his wife Ro

Paul and his wife Ro

Paul and Steve in the trailer

Paul up to work

Paul with Jim Wolfe and Rich Sheridan

Paul with Randy

Paul looking to air up a tire


Paul with the crew

Paul with Ray Stansberry

Paul is an interesting man. He is a writer for a motorcycle magazine. He raced just about everything beffore he retired to work on bikes and cars. He was on the Kittle crew, then the Bromme crew and now the Gansen crew. His knowledge allows him to do almost any task with a sprint car. He moved down near San Diego a few years ago, but the race work continues.

Updated 7/6/17