Mrs Wags solo

Mrs Wags on tour in a caddy

Mrs Wags in Texas

Mrs Wags at Manzy 1992

Mrs Wags advertising the 92' Wagsdash at Manzy

Mrs wags

Mrs wags at Knoxville Nationals 1991

Mrs Wags holds up the first black Wagtimes shirt at the cap Doc's shop

Mrs Wags threading a needle at Olk;ahoma City CRA tour race

Mrs Wags stuffing her face at the Wagsdash with Tracy and Briana

Mrs Wags at Indy practice day

Mrs Wags and our 1992 Wagsdash trophy

Funny girl

My quiet girl at Tuscon Raceway

At the CRA picnic 1993

My movie star bride

She's a doll

Big Smile, always for everyone

Mrs Wags at Manzy Wagsdash II

Mrs Wags liked to stop in little towns when we wereon tour. This is the Olivesburg General store where there were items on the shelves older than me. We had ice cream and moved on

She's ready

A little 7 UP hits the spot

Big smile

Mrs Wags posing in front of the Ventura Beer garden

Mrs Wags holds up a framed poem she wrote

Mrs Wags with the ticket buckets for the auction items

A dreamy look behind glass at the In N Out

Head shot

Mrs Wags in the Winchester grandstands when we went to visit the promoter.

Mrs Wags under a shower

Mrs Wags doing a touch up

Happy Valentines day!

Mrs Wags signs in at Ventura

Mrs Wags in blue

Mrs Wags in pink

Mrs Wags B Day celebration


Organizing auction items

Rumor has it Ventura gets cold at night

Mrs Wags with the quilt she built

Mrs Wags in purple

Mrs Wags at Canyon Raceway one night

Mrs Wags shot a lot of pics until she retired and left it up to me

She really worked at it

Mrs Wags had her own photog flack jacket like the big boys

Mrs Wags happy to be racing


Here we go

The little devil

Got enough polka dots?

On the phone

Walking around

This is the first camera Terry started taking race stuff with. It had a full floppy disk

I think she was off dancing

Lets see, how does this work again?

Mrs Wags with Robin Noffsinger

Mrs Wagsin the crowd

Mrs Wags with the Wagtimes helmet by Hot Rod Anderson

Mrs Wags in the Mule ready for a ride

Mrs Wags and Mr bear, an auction item that ended up in my den a few years ago, thanks Randy

Mrs Wags, my love for 43 plus years

Another dreamy shot

The little devil

Mrs Wags in our Mission Viejo home at Xmas time

Looking to load our old motorhome

Your 60th B Day always has surprises

In the pits

Mrs Wags and Dusty

Mrs Wags in Ventura

As soon as she got in the car, she asked for the keys

A posing shot

Mrs Wags has Dusty when he was delivered at the track

She's shooting something


Getting ready for a trip

Mrs Wags the birthday girl

Hey it's racetime!

Created 4/17/18