Mrs Wags with Wagtimers

Ellen Ellis and Mrs Wags hugging it up

Ellen and Mrs wags still hugging

Joe Ellis with Mrs Wags in a bar?

Darleen Dils with Mrs wags

Darleen Dils and Mrs Wags in flames

Darleen dils and Mrs Wags

Tina Dils and Mrs Wags counting money, oh no where's Fran?

Tina Dils watches Mrs Wags pick her teeth

Tina Dils laughing at Mrs Wags costume

Tina Dils pointing out something

Tina Dils and Mrs Wags check out the calender

Tina Dils and Mrs Wags going some where nice

Tina Dils with Mrs Wags

Tina Dils and Mrs Wags under an Umbrella

Stubby Dils and Mrs Wags visit after a race

Don "The" Barber and Mrs Wags dressed up

A shirtless Don "The" Barber with Mrs Wags

My Mom Fern at Okie City Fairgrounds track on Mothers day and a CRA Sunday race

Big Steve in his pool with Mrs Wags under her umbrella

Cat Algir at a Wagsdash with Mrs Wags

Kim Lafond and Mrs Wags all dressed up

Kim Lafond with Mrs Wags at Manzy

Kim lafond and Mrs Wags

Kim Lafond with what appears to be a present for her daughter Korie a long time ago

Steve Lafond with Mrs Wags looks like in an airport?

Steve Lafond gets attacked by Mrs Wags

Korie Lafond, at one time was the dog sitter at the Wagsdash

Steve Lafond proud of something

Steve Lafond and Mrs Wags at the beach

Gene Tussing feeding Mrs Wags

Hallie Hollenbeck and Mrs Wags

Pat Bogan and Mrs Wags thinking about selling shirts

Marilyn Thomas with Mrs Wags

Marilyn Thomas ands Mrs Wags in the Ventura pits

Marilyn and Mrs Wags posing

Here they are goofing around

Marilyn and Mrs Wags encouraging fans to get involved at the Wagsdash

Judy Pettigrew and Mrs Wags on the K rail

Julie Shiosaki taking a brief break with Mrs Wags

Julie Shiosaki with Hailie

Julie Shiosaki with Mrs Wags

Mike clark works on cooking the chili while Mrs Wags looks for the cookies

Krista helping Mrs Wags fill the pie plates for the hit the driver game

Sherri Spencer with the camera lady at the Wagsdash

Frankie is well know by all Ron Chaffin fans.

Fran Herdrich at the Arizona Museum

Ellen Ellis at Ventura

Mike Clark ready to get to heating chili

Pat Normoile lookig like a Wagtimer at the Wagsdash

Pat Normoil visits with Mrs Wags at Calistoga

Joy Paulson and Mrs Wags off fooling around

Joy Paulson chats with Mrs Wags

Tracy Johnson in the grandstands with Mrs Wags

Jim Fargo looks lost with Mrs Wags who looks like she might have a candy bar she won't share

Marilyn Fargo hanging while hubby Jim is off shooting pics

Fran and Mrs Wags in a clinch at Perris

Lois Ward visits at Cal Smith's pit

Lois Ward with Mrs Wags

D J Everett and Mrs Wags

Sonia Duffy and Mrs Wags at las Vegas

Al Freeman at Bakersfield

Danny Pivoveroff at Bakersfield with Mrs Wags

Evelyn Pratt with Mrs Wags

Deloris Ostling, Steve's mom, visiting

Deloris Ostling sitting with Mrs Wags at Terre Haute in 1999

Matt Pecharich and Mrs Wags at the Knoxville grandstand entry way

Wendy Michnowicz at the chili Bowl

Wendy Michnowicz and Mrs Wags posing

The Wags in the Workin Woody

Shorty, as I knew him, was from Iowa and he came to Ascot every year for a while. He said he rebuilt old race cars in his garage to keep busy. The last time I saw him was when he tipped his wheel chair over and they took him off to the hospital. He never came back and that was in the early 80's

Joyce Houle visiting with Mrs Wags at Knoxville

Tom Toutz wife Linda hanging with Mrs Wags at the golf tourney banquet

Linda Touts and Mrs Wags at the golf tournement

Chris Holt with Mrs Wags

Danny Pivoveroff getting a big trophy at the CRA banquet

Evelyn Pratt and Mrs Wags sharing a secret

Chris Holt with Mrs Wags doing who knows what

Agnes Johnston and Mrs Wags at her trailer in Knoxville

Cory Kruseman behind Mrs Wags at Cronies

This photographer was an artist. He did one of my Wagsdash t=--shit. His pictures were often fresh and creative

Danita Cardy with Mrs Wags

Susan Turner getting blessed by Mrs Wags?

Carey Smiley visits with Mrs Wags

Gary Tanaka entertaining Mrs Wags at Manzy

Joyce Cardey, David's mom, is hustling around the pits with my lady

Brian Gapinski kissing Mrs Wags at Tulsa

Tanner Watson with Mrs Wags

Tanner Watson with Mrs wags

Janet McSpadden and Mrs Wags

The cook, John Gardner, gets a hug from Mrs Wags

The Ripper visiting with Mrs Wags

Joey Franklin visits with Mrs Wags. He is an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas and ran with us a little bit.

Tony Jones with Mrs Wags after he won at Perris one night

Sandra Bartosh and Wendy Michnowicz help Mrs Wags

Longtime Gardner crewman with Mrs Wags at Ventura

Created 4/19/18