Mickey Dale

Mickey in his courtin' days

Mickey 44 years ago

Mickey at KXO radio in the late 70's

Mickey with James Dean

Mickey with the famous # 98

Mickey in Steve Logan's sprint car

Mickey's racing experience was in this car a 1979 Thunderbird. His brother and dad helped

Mickey and Peggy

Mickey's best friend and wife Peggy

Peggy with dogs on a trip

Peggy won the Queen Valley Bowling tournement

Peggy beat this lady, Aanice Bush, for the championship

Mickey and Peggy with the San Diego skyline behind them

Mickey with sister Kilah and Samantha Carter

Mickey walking the pits with his son

Mickey suiting up with the Blue Angels

Mickey and his boys

Mickey with his family at a Blue Angels experience

Mickey, Peggy and the boys at Griffith Park Zoo

Mickey, Peggy and the Boys with Don and Dode Templeton and Joe Ellis

Mickey and Kilah

Mickey and Kilah

Mickey and Kilah

Mickey, Geoff and Kilah

Mickey, Geoff and Kilah

Mickey, Geoff and Kilah

Mickey, Geoff and Kilah

Mickey and Linda Vaughn in 1997

Mickey with 3 time Indy 500 winner Bobby Unser

Mickey and Peggy wedding day March 21, 1981

Mickey with sister Kilah 1982 after announcing a midget race

Mickey and Kilah

Mickey and Kilah

Mickey and nephew Austin Dale on a ride

Mickey and Peggy at the Oregon coastline

Mickey at a race somewhere

Mickey riding an elephant at Circus Vargus

Mickey with Dean Mills

Mickey and Dean Mills

Mickey and Dean Mills

Mickey wuith Jeff Gordon and dad

Mickey interviewing Jeff Gordon

Mickey interviewwing Lee

Mickey with Bryan Clauson

Mickey with Chuck Gurney

Mickey with Cory Kruseman

Mickey with Jeremy Sherman

Mickey with Rickie Gaunt

Mickey with Rodney Argo

Mickey and Tony Jones

Mickey and Mike English

Mickey with Kenny Schrader

Mickey and I don't recognize him

Mickey's dad Jim with Mel Kenyon

Mickey with Cory Kruseman and Dean Mills videoing

Mickey with Chuck Gurney

Mickey with Lealand McSpadden

Mickey and Seth Wilson with Rickie and Charles Davis Jr waiting in the wings

Mickey and Cory Kruseman

Mickey and Sleepy Tripp

Mickey interviewing ??

Mickey announcing at El Centro

Mickey with Charles Davis Jr

Mickey with Jim Dale and Parnelli Jones

Mickey with Dean Mills and .....

Mickey with Don Edmunds and Jim Chini

Mickey with brother Geoff and Richard Petty

Mickey interviewing Judy Yeley about a birthday cake

Mickey at Indiana Sprint Week with the Loud Pedal Tim and Mike Truex and Dean Mills

Mickey and Jim with Tony Elliott

Mickey is one of the nicest guys around with a great family. He's a fun announcer and I like being around him. His help at our Wagsdash at El Centro was much appreciated!

Created 12/17/18