Lance Jennings



Lance in the seat

Lance by a race car

Lance working


Lance's Mom Sabrina

Lance in the pits plus 1

Lance and Steve Lafond

Lance with Sylvia plusw 2

Lance with mom and Sister at Wagsland

Lance and Larry Henry

Lance and Richard Watkins

Lance and Severson

Lance and Scott Delosio

Lance and Chris Kerns

Lance and Sabrina

Lance and Sabrina

Lance's mom and sister850

Lance coming out of the pits group

Lance at the Wagsdash

Lance getting an award from USAC/CRA for his years of hard work

Lance with Mark Alexander

Lance with Danny P

Lance with J Hicks and David Miller

Lance and Mark Alexander and Terry

Same trio

Lance with the Alexander crew

Lance in the pits

Lance with mom and sister and Tony Poole at Cronies

Special appreciation from USAC

Updated 10/18/18