Kim Craft


Kim with Betty Sauer

Kim with Betty Sauer

Kim with Wags

Kim with John Habbick

Kim and family having Wagsdash chili

Kim with crew at dinner

Kim with Wagsbucks from Wags

Kim with Kenzo Okubo and the Wags

Kim by his racer

Kim having fun

Kim and his wife Kim

Kim with Kenzo

Kim with his wife and Kenzo

Kim and Kim Sue with Mrs Wags at Wagsland


Kim and Kim Sue with Bud Burchwll at Wagsland

Kim and Wags and the Wagsbucks

Kim and his # 72 cars

Wags with Kim's car

Kim in the car

Kim and the crew

Kim getting ready to go

A viewing perch on his car

# 72

# 72

# 72

Kim had one CRA main event win and it was at Santa Maria on 6/29/1991

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