Keith Kunz

Keith on the phone


Keith peeking thru the fence




Keith driving a truck

Keith on a 4 wheeler


Keith in the pits


The business connection

Keith by a car

Keith with Bruce Bromme Jr


Keith with Christopher Bell

Keith with USAC official

Keith with Christopher Bell


Keith hugging Rico after a win

Keith with Sammy Bahr

Keith and Bubby Jones

Keith and Christopher Bell

Keith thinking

Keith with Jay Drake

Keith and Jason Leffler

Keith hugging his winning driver

Keith greeting Kyle Larson

Keith and Kyle Larson

Keith with Rico Abreu and Lesley Bremmer

Keith with Billy Boat a few years back

Keith with Tanner Thurston

Keith and Jay Drake

Keith having a chat

Keith and Tony Stewart

Keith with Mike Spencer and Levi Jones

Keith back by the Perris pit gate

Keith sitting on the trailer



Keith and Damion Gardner hanging in the Chili Bowl pits

Keith and his crew getting read

Keith's car got fast time at Calistoga

Keith with Tanner Thorston and Sky and Avery at Calistoga

Keith with Kyle Larson at belleville

Keith and Kyle Larson and a trophy girl

Keith on the podium with Kevin Thomas Jr

Keith and Rico Abreu

Keith and Rico Abreu

Keith with Christopher Bell and Tanner Thorston

Keith and crew in victory circle

Keith and Emmett Hahn with Rico Abreu

Keith and crew with Rico Abreu

Keith and crew with Tanner Thorston

Keith and Tanner Thorston after a win

Keith with another of his winning drivers

Keith with tanner Thorston who just parked it!

Keith and Tanner Thorston and crew

Keith and Rico Abreu at the Vermeil Classic

Keith with Rico Abreu and Lesley Brenner

Rico Abreu and the trophy girl

Keith working

More work

Keith working on a red one

Keith Always working

Keith working on a car


Keith drawing

Keith's cars

# 67

More cars

# 67

Keith's long row of awesome machines

Amazing view

# 67 driven by Kyle Larson

# 67 of Darren Hagen

Keith's Trailer

Another shot of the trailer

Keith is amazing and his track record will never be headed. If you race a midget, it better be one of his!

Updated 4/21/18