Jon Backlund

Jon in the Bellville grandstands

Jon with Dave Darland

Jon and JD Cormack

Jon and Joe Dooling Sr

Jon with JD Cormack

Jon with Jim Bruner

Jon and Ellen Ellis

Jon's induction at Belleville

Jon with Donna Wilson and Bob Mays

Jon with JD Cormack and Keith Barker

Jon with Jon Backland and JD Cormack

Jon with Ellen Ellis and her sister Martha

Jon with Joe Dooling, Ed Justice and Bart Stevens

Jon with Ray Cunningham, Keith Barker, JD Cormack and Dave Darland

Jon with Kenny Schrader, Chuck Gurney and Shane Carson

Jon had a great day on Aug 26, 1971. He crashed his ride, borrowed a car and won his heat, then won the semi in his original car and the feature in the borrowed one. Amazing!

Jon with 3 other winners of the day

Jon with a pretty lady

Jon in # 16

Jon with # 46

Jon in # 16

Jon in # 46

Jon in # 94 midget at Bellville 1994

Jon in # 16

Jon in # 2

Jon outside Tommy Drisdale 1971

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