John Scott



John with a happy fan

John and Wags

John with the ladies

John with his crew

John mulling around by the Mrs Wags quilt

John won both the best appearing car award and the most popular driver from the Wagtimer's

John with The Wags

John with a fan

Coming soon!

John looking racy

John beginning his strip for Wagsbucks

John on the move

getting watered down because he was hot

Here comes trouble

She's got cash


She's going for it

Hmmmmmmmm, shouldn't she be in the office?

What's going on here?

Now we make some Wagsbucks

A good day eh John

John and Rickie Gaunt

John and Wags

John bussing Wags

John back to normal

John and crew chowing down at the Wagsdash

My granddaughter Briana with two of John's crew

John and Ripper

John with Troy Rutherford and Cory Kruseman

The crew gets a Wagtimes shiney tire award

John wants in the pic

John with Tony Simon

Watch it!

John messing with a photog!

John hanging

John having fun

John with Steve and Kim Lafond

John with checkered flag

John at Manzy


John's crew got the Wagtimes shiny tire award

John's ride

John on the track

# 83

# 83

# 83

# 83

# 83

# 83

John with his car

Wags flaging the car

# 83

# 83

# 83

# 83

# 83

# 83

John and Troy Cline racing

# 83

John Has 5 CRA main event wins. He left So Cal to run Indiana some years ago and then retired

Uploaded 8/24/17