Johnny Anderson








Johnny cooking

Johnny signing autographs

Johnny signing autographs





Johnny with a nice hat


Johnny in a car

Johnny in the same car remembering.....

Johnny with a drawing from Australia

Johnny with 1978 Calistoga trophy

Johnny's den




Johnny at Knoxville

Johnny with Wags

Johnny and Brenda

Brenda with Parnelli Jones

Johnny and Chuck Gurney

Johnny with Jimmy Boyd

Johnny with Bobby G

Johnny interviewed by Bobby G

Johnny interviewed by Bobby G

Johnny with Ted Johnson back in the day

Johnny and Dennis Mattish

Johnny and Brenda

Johnny with johnny C Anderson

Johnny with Hank Butcher

Johnny with Steve Howard

Johnny with Wags

Johnny with Tim Green

Johnny with Rico Abreu

Johnny and JJ

Johnny and Brenda

Johnny and Jeff Gordon

Johnny and Jack Hewitt

Johnny with Bob Miller

Johnny and Doug wolfgang

Johnny and Dick Vermeil

Johnny and Bob Trostle

Johnny and son JJ

Johnny and Bill Vukovich

Johnny and a youngster

Johnny in his football days

Johnny and Mike

Johnny and Brenda met at their 25th high school reunion

Johnny and Jimmy Sills

Johnny and Parnelli Jones

Johnny with Brent Kaeding

Johnny and his brother Bob

Johnny with Tony Simon and Billy Shuman

Johnny with Bobby G and Jimmy Sills

Johnny with Tim Joyce and Floyd Alvis

Johnny with Hank Butcher and Tim Joyce

Johnny with Leroy Von Connett and Ed Wilber

Johnny with Tony Simon with Kenny in the background

Johnny with Doug Wolfgang and Bob trostle

Johnny and Brenda with Sarah's graduation

Johnny with J C Agajanian and Leonard Faas

Johnny with Dick and Stan Vermeil at Calistoga


Johnny at Knoxville with Jimmy Oskie, Steve Stapp, Lynn Paxton and Ward

Main event lined upon a trailer

Johnny with Leroy Van Conett, Jimy Boyd, Stan vermeil, Chuck Gurney and Hank Butcher

Johnny with Gary G Howard, Sammy Swindell and Jimmy Boyd

Johnny with Jack McElreath, Larry Rice and Steve Chassis

Johnny won the 1980 Gold Cup and had a cup of fuel in the tank when it was over

Johnny interviewed

Johnny by a big trophy

Johnny interviewed

Johnny with the trophy

Johnny at Manzy

Johnny and a trophy

Johnny intervieed by Gary Gerould

Johnny with some fans

Johnny, a trophy and a trophy girl

Johnny winner of the Gold Cup

Johnny with his ride

Young 17 year old Johnny with his first car

Johnny restored that # 3 car 40 years later

Here's the same # 3 chasing Walt James

Johnny with # 1

Johnny with # 1

Johnny with # 1

Johnny with the yellow bird

Johnny leaning on his ride

Johnny with # 21

Johnny with # 1

# 21

Johnny in JC Agajanian's # 98 car

Johnny in # 11 at Calistoga. Car was one George Snider put together for Jim Wildharber of Bakersfield

Johnny in 2005

Johnny in Weikerts car

Johnny in the Tognotti # 18

Johnny in # 97

Johnny in # 36 at San Jose in 1973

Johnny in # 21

Johnny in his ride

T-shirt graphic

T-shirt graphic

Sportstar of the week poster

2012 Knoxville Hall of Fame

Art work

Johnny inducted in the Knoxville Hall of Fame in 2012

A nice article about Johnny

A result page from a Winston Cup Stock car race where he went out early with ignition problem

Johnny's rides

Johnny 1976 NARC Champion

Johnny # XX in 1977

# 1 restored by Bob Black law. Johnny took this car to Australia in 1972

Johnny in the middle

# xx

Johnny in Duke McMillan's car at Manzy 1979

Johnny got 8th in this car at California Fairgrounds in 1969. It is the Travelon Trailer Offy

# 3

# 18

# 21

# 96 antique with Johnny aboard

Johnny next to # 46

# 7a

# 7a

# 2

# 2

# 10

# 20

# 21

Johnny in # 21

# 21

# XX

Johnny in Bob Miller's midget

# 44

# 33

# 84 with $human chasing at the Western

Here's Johnny and # 3 chasing Al Unser

# 21 against Sammy Swindell # 44

# 3 Johnny chasing Kenny Vaan Blargen # 7 at Roseville 2006

# 18 Black Saturday when Johnny was seriously hurt at Corona with Gary Ponzini in # 85 and Jimmy Boyd # XX

# 18 Johnny against # 75 Ron $human

# 18 Johnny leading # 72

# 98 Johnny at Phoenix

Johnny # 98 with Bobby Unser

Johnny in the 3rd row inside at Calistoga

Johnny leading at El centro

Johnny outside Jim Snyder

Johnny and Billy Anderson

An article in the local paper after the Corona crash below. Obviously the report was greatly exagerated!



Uh ooh....

Here's some interesting facts and accomplishments for Johnny:

Johnny was the first to introduced a Sprint Car to Australia (that car has now been restored there)

1974 Gold Cup Champion

1974 Motor Sports Press Association oval track driver of the year

1974 West Capitol Raceway track Champion

Copper World Classic winner

1976 Calistoga Champion

San Jose Cavalcade winner

One of the original World of Outlaw drivers

Johnnt drove Quarter Midgets, Micro Midgets, Hardtops, Supermodifieds, Sprint Cars, Midgets, Indy Cars, and Stock Cars

1980 Gold Cup Champion

2001 West Capitol Raceway hall of Fame

2004 Bay Cities Racing Association Hall of Fame

2006 Motor Sports Press Association Hall of Fame

2012 National Sprint Car Hall of Fame

2013 Calistoga Speedway Hall of Fame

Updated 12/15/18