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Jim Hedblom

Jim with Jimmy Oskie and announcer George

Jim with Lealand McSpadden

Jim with Chris Holt

Jim at Wagsland receiving a Wagtimes Award

Jim looking over an auction item at the Wags auction

Jim with Richard Griffin, the last Wagsdash Grand Marshall

Jim talking with Wags

Two pensive gentlemen

Jim shopping

Jim catching Wags

Jim with Richard Griffin and Jimmy Oskie

Jim and Wags

JIm with Wags

Jim in his domain

Jim doing an interview

Tom Schmeh presenting an award to Jim

Jim now talking to Tom

Jim helping me auction off an autographed helmet

Jim in the water truck

Jim with Richard Griffin

Jim with Nelson Stewart, Tony's father

Jim pondering

Jim washing one of his track trucks

Jim with Harlan Willis and Wags

Jim and Brudda Bret

Jim and USAC President Rollie

Jim interviewed Ronnie Case

Jim Interviewed Damion Gardner

Jim in his yellow mule

Jim at a banquet

Jim visiting with Biggie

Jim in his announcing booth

There is so much to Jim Naylor that no one knows about. When Perris cut short the 7th annual wagsdash at an earlier than curfew 10:30 and informed me I wasn't coming back after a few yellows. Remember, some of my racers were inexperienced low buck drivers, so what would you expect. I was told sharply we wouldn't be coming back, so Mr Naylor, after several meetings and calls, agreed to give it a shot. We ran the next 12 Wagsdash events at Ventura. Jim went way beyond to make it happen. He created those big posters for the fans and autograpph cards. He made Wagtimes Legends of Ascot wear for the Grand Marshal each year and made the champion a great Championship jacket. The list goes on and on as he was what helped make that race succesful on his turf even as the attendance continued to drop. Jim is a strong leader and has been at Ventura for 30 some years! Thank you Jim for all you do!

Created on 05/31/17