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Jimmy Boyd



Jimmy 1979 NARC Champion





Jimmy with Kim Hawkins

Jimmy with Kenny Woodruff and Little Richard Brown

Jimmy With Jimmy Sills

Jimmy with Kyle Larson

Jimmy with Johnny Anderson

Jimmy interviewed by Bobby G at Hall of fame banquet

Jimmy and Johnny Anderson 2017

Jimmy and wife Betty

Jimmy and Betty his wife

Jimmy and wife Betty

Jimmy with Joseph Ramerez at Calistoga

Jimmy with Rick Hirst

Jimmy and Betty

Jimmy and Gary Patterson

Jimmy with Kim Hawkins

Jimmy with Kenny Woodruff and Little Richard Brown

Jimmy with Paulson and Gary Patterson

Jimmy with fans

Jimmy with Jimmy Sills and Robert Brown

Jimmy with Jimmy Sills, Howard Kaeding, Leroy Van Connett (celebrating his 80th B Day) and Bob Miller

Jimmy and the trophy girl


Jimmy March 18, 1978

Jimmy on the podium

Jimmy wins 1977 Dirt Cup

Jimmy with the trophy girl

Jimmy with Kenny Woodruff and the Trostle # 21 in 1976

Jimmy with the restored winning car

Dean Mills with his car

Jimmy with Kenny Woodruff and Joel McCray

Jimmy with the car that won the first WOO show history

Jimmy with his # XX car

Jimmy and his car

Jimmy in the seat

Jimmy in his ride

Jimmy with # XX

Jimmy getting in the car

A small story

Jimmy's rides

Jimmy sitting in the John Siroonian car

Jimmy at Calistoga 1967

Jimmy on left with Jimmy Sills on the right

# 21

# 21

# 21 in the museum

# 21

# XX at West capitol in 1978

# 01

# 21

# 21

# 21

# 21

# XX

Jimmy at Langhorne 1958

# xx Jimmy at Calistoga 1978

# xx

# xx

# 1

# 3x at the Grove

# 3x

# 7

# 21 at Eldora

# 21

# 21

# 21 at the Devils Bowl 1978

# 25 against Steve Smith

# xx against Forsburg Sr

# 1x Jimmy with Jerry Hudson #41, John Redican # 16, Rick Goade # 9, and Tom Roa

# XX leading Johnny Anderson and Gary Ponzini # 85

# 21 inside

Jimmy at West Capital

# 28

# XX

# 707 a Big Block Modified in New Jersy 1973

# XX outside Gary Patterson

# 21 outside Gary Patteson at Grass Valley

Jimmy leading Paul Jones at 1972 El Centro Midwinter Fair

# 25 under Steve Smith at Williams Grove 1975

# 21 Jimmy beats Doug Wolfgang

Jimmy won the first WOO race in history. He won two CRA races, both at Ascot.

Jimmy has over 125 Career victories over his career.

Three Time Dirt Cup Champion and one of the best Drivers of his era. He won Dirt Cup in 1976 when it was a three track event (Sky Valley, Skagit and Elma’s Raceway half mile and he won the Skagit and Elma Races). In 1977 when it was Sky Valley and Skagit (he won the Skagit race) and in 1982 he won when it was at Skagit only. He was the first 2-time and 3-time champion of the Dirt Cup. His first two titles were in the Orange #21 car that was owned by Kenny Woodruff. Jimmy won the first ever World of Outlaws race in 1978 at Devils Bowl Speedway in Dallas, Texas. He finished 12th in WoO points in 1978. He was also the 1979 NARC Champion.

He won 7 races at the famed Baylands Raceway Park and in 1983 was the Baylands Sprint Champion. Between 1973 and 1979 Jimmy won 29 races in the State of California. He won 9 at West Capitol open competition, 5 NARC events at Calistoga, 2 NARC races at West Capitol Raceway, 2 NARC races at Santa Maria Speedway, 1 open at the Dixon Fairgrounds, NARC race at Petaluma, 2 CRA races at the famous Ascot Speedway. He also won a race at Clovis Speedway, 1 each at Vallejo and Grass Valley. He won 3 more NARC races at Dixon Fairgrounds.

Jimmy has 8 wins at Calistoga Speedway and 5 at Silver Dollar Speedway.

In 1973 Jimmy after racing two years in Pennsylvania came back to the west coast to run the very famous Gold Cup. This year it was at West Capital Raceway and after turning a stunning 12.631 in time trails taking nearly a full second off the track record. When the 100 lap feature started, Boyd quickly jumped to the lead and by lap 95 had lapped the entire field to win in dominant fashion for a $2200 dollar payday.

In 1972 Jimmy Boyd would marry Betty Opperman the widow of the Jay Opperman.

In 1977 in the Orange #21 of Kenny Woodruff they would win the Dirt Cup head back to Iowa and in a span of 48 hours won at Southern Iowa Speedway in Oskaloosa and Knoxville Raceway.