Jimmy Blanton

Jimmy with Charlie Bentley ans Jerry McClung

Jimmy with Jimmy Kidwell

Jimmy and Jerry Miller

Jimmy and Ken Bowers

Jimmy and Jimmy McClung

Jimmy with Charles Davis Jr

Jimmy smiling

Jimmy in his car

Jimmy with Wayne Weiler

Jimmy winnng a trophy dash

Jimmy was honored at the hall of fame classic

# 81

# 81

Jimmy's car in the museum

Now at home

Ready for paint

Jimmy at Don Edmunds shop

Jimmy with dad Jim, Bob Noska and Flagman Norm Zeeman

Jimmy in his first sprint car an old Bruce Robbinson car

Jimmy's Edmunds car

Jimmy gave RJ Johnson his first open wheel ride

Jimmy drove this car

Jimmy's # 35

# 35

Jimmy bought this one from Doug Durocher

Jimmy inside Lealand McSpadden

# 75 Jimmy leading Jim Massey

# 35 inside of RC Whitwell and Dave Manes

# 6 against Dave Culp in his first ever midget ride

Created 10/12/17