Jerry Hudson














Jerry with a yellowfin Tuna 1993

Jerry with another one

Jerry with more Tuna

Jerry with his dad Ed at Perris

Jerry and Ed

Jerry and Ed

Jerry's dad Ed, may he rest in peace.

Jerry with Eddie Wirth

Jerry sez "Man, before the gray took over!

Jerry and his wife Sheryl

Jerry and Sheryl

Jerry at the Estrella Warbird Racecar Museum

Jerry and sister Rosemary

Jerry's dad Ed with Rusty Espinoza

Ed and Risty Espinoza pushing a stalled car

Jerry and Ed

Jerry and Sheryl

Jerry, Sheryl and Justin

Jerry, Sheryl and Whitney Black

Jerry, Sheryl and Justin at the Wagsdash

Jerry with Linda meader, Vickie James and Mark Scheetz a while back

Jerry at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park with a group

Jerry and Sheryl with Jerry Harris, Bob Johnson and Benjamin Falk at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Jerry and Sheryl still at thenSan Diego Zoo Safari Park

Jerry and Sheryl at a family dinner

Jerry with Guy Rainwater, David Dowell, Norman Scott Sloane and Brad manners at the races

Jerry with David Dowell and more at the races

Jerry at some racetrack850

Jerry with Lester Robertson

Jerry with Tom Vardeman car at Chula Vista

A rememrance of Ed

JR Design - he does good work!

Ed's old important jackets

Examples of Jerry's excellent work

Verne Sweeney

Scott Sivage

Lee Robinson

Rick Hart

Mark Priestley

Bill Pratt



Scott Sivage

Kurtis Midget

Jimmy Thornell

Jim Ruth

Gardner Motorsports

Frank Hanrahan

Eddie Tafoya

Dan Moore

Chuck Hulse

Cary Faas

Bruce Reuter


Blondel dirt car

Jerry's work area

Toby Sampson

Jimmy Thornell

Jory team

Blondell racing

Jerry at work

Jerry still at work

Jerry's rides

# 41 mudding it at Ascot 1980

# 41 Jerry and Vivian Crowell's car 1980

# 17 Lester Robertson 1987

# 17 in 1988

# 65 Paul and Debbie Ferreira's car 1965

# 73

# 86 Bill Jones car 1988

# 96

# 96 the only car Jerry ever owned, he sez, in 1990. When he crashed at Ascot going down the front stretch end over end, ot was a long one. I asked him later what he was thinking as he was crasshing. His answer, after each flip he could only think about how much that one cost and so on, and so on.

# 41 Jerry leadng the Agajanian # 98

# 41 Jerry leading Jim Eiland 1980

# 41 leading # 3

# 41 leading Jimmy Oskie

# 41 leading Jim McCaskill

# 41 racing with Peter Nunn

# 41 racing the Baily Brothers car

# 41 with Clark Templeman chasing

# 41 leading Ron $human

Jerry outside Eddie Wirth 1981

# 73 Jerry chasing Anthony Simone

# 73 outside Brad Noffsinger # 28

# 41 leading Bubby Jones and Duane Feduska 1980

# 41 Jerry and Eddie Wirth leading Rick Goade, and Jimmy Boyd maybe

Jerry jumping a Yamaha

Jerry has been around us a long time and gets credit for drawing the art work for the first Wagtimes T-shirt after I gave him a stick figure example very poorly drawn, but he aced it. He is a very accomplished artist as his hand lettering and vinyl work and all things creative are special. He is the best there is. He was nearly paralyzed after a bicycle incident many years ago, but has fought back to make his life normal after being unable to move when I went to visit him in that old huge hospital he was stuck in at the time.

Updated 04/30/18