Jackie Howerton


Jackie and Sid Carson

Jackie and Angelo Howerton

Shane Carson wIth Jackie on the right

Jackie with a couple of youngsters

Angelo and Jackie with Buddy Cagle

Jackie and Angelo

Another shot

At Jackie's garage

Jackie getting trophies

Jackie, a trophy and a girl

Jackie with another trophy

Jackie after 1974 win

Jackie and his ride

Jackie with the Zink ride

With the Zink Car


Jackie with his ride

Jackie is the third from the left and a master fabricator

Jackie in his car

Jackie's story

Jackie's rides

Jackie's ride

# 77 Jackie Howerton, Buddy Cagle, Dean Crouch and Larry Allen drove this highly technical car

# 1

# 4

# 6

# 6

# 7

# 27

# 35 STP ca

# 42 1974 Hoosier 100 winner

# 58

# 77

# 88 the Grove 1973

Jackie racing Emment Hahn

# 42

Jackie flying high over George Snider

Jackie still flying high

Jackie's full ride

Jackie on the back of the winner's bike after a raCE

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