Jack Hewitt


Jack signing at Manzy hall of fame event in 2006

Jack with Shane Carson

Jack with Wags

Jack autographing

Jack in the seat

Jack again in the cockpit

Jack with Chris Holt

Jack at a silver crown race

Jack a winner

Jack with Dave Argabright


Jack 1986


Jack with Melinda Dumesny and Sid Moore


Jack with Ryan Bernal in winners circle

Jack's rides

# 63

Jacks two seater that earned a lot of money for good causes

Jack's normal ride and he was awesome at Eldora in it

Jack at Syracuse in 1982

Jack at eldora in 1990

# 58 at the Grove in 1981

Jack and Lealand "flying" at Eldora. I was there when Jack's slide job for the lead in turn 2 was a bit short, and the crash sent them both high into the wall and destroyed Lealand's DSD car. Jack was at Lealand's motel the next day helping them build a new car. The next night Jac Haudenschld tried the same move on the Tempe Tornado, but Lealand having seen this move the night before, backed off and Jac crashed hard into the wall alone and later after the race took a trip to get checked out.

# 21

# 28

# 63

# 31

Jack won 4 CRA tour races in 1991 and added one more CRA win at Eldora in 1993. Jack was the King of Ohio and a great race car driver.

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