Howard Kaeding

Howard at the Trophy Cup

Howard same place

Howard known as the Campbell Comet

Howard and Steve Lafond

Howard with a Bruce Bromme Sr poster


Howards trusty bike

Howard in the pits

Howard autographing

Howard admiring a model of his old Super



Howard looking over a chassis

Howard in the dance contest after the Trophy Cup

Howard and his partner Marilyn won the contest

Howard's fan card

Joward aand Buddy Kofoid the 2017 Howard Kaeding Classic

Howard with son Brent and a painting of his old super, with the guy who painted it

That painting is available on the internet

Howard cooking on a little BBQ grill

Howard enjoying a laugh

Howard posing with a family

Howard with Trophy Dave and his two granddaughters at the Trophy Cup

Howard waving to the crowd

Howard, Brent, Bud and Tim

Howard, Brent, Bud and Tim

Howard, Brent, Bud and Tim

Howard with son Brent and Grandson Bud

Howard with Brent, Tim and Bud with their helmets that were auctioned off to Rico Abreu and Kyle Larson for $ 25,000 for Make A Wish

Those 4 expensive helmets on loan from Rico and Kyle who donated the money

Howard with Brent and the boys

Howard and the bous with an award

Howard and the boys again together

Howard and Brent

Howard and Brent

Howard driving the Traguerio Brothers car at Madera 1972

Howard with the trophy girl


Howard with # 1x and a trophy girl

Howard and his ride from his driving days

Howard with his car and Kyle Larson

Howard with his old super

Howard with his car

Howard showing Kyle Larson the model of his old super

Kyle Larson in Howard's car

Howard's old car on display

Another view

A young Howard with an early racecar

Howard with # 61 after winnng the main atKearney Bowl

Howard with # 61

Howard with # 3

Howard giving the flag back after taking a solo lap for his brother who was buried that day

Howard passing Nick Rescino for the win at San Jose Podium

Howard and crew pose

Howard after winning a big trophy

Howard with grandson Bud after the youngster won the Howard Kaeding Classic

Howard with his car and waving to the crowd

Howard's restored Super 1x

Look whos in the car now...Photographer Steve Lafond

Howard 1972 in his car

Howard at San Jose 1972

Howard opening day 1972 at San Jose

# 3 1970

# 1 ready to push off


Howard's t-shirt

A poster for a car show and BBQ

This poster announced the HK Classic

A nice drawing

Howard's many Cars

# 1x

# 1x

# 1 Traguerio Brothers car

# 1x

# 1x

# 1x

# 1x restored

# 3

# 3

# 3

# 3

# 3

# 3

# 3

# 3

# 3

# 69

# 69 biking it

# 69 on the outside of # 44

Howard, left, battles Gary Patterson

# 1x Howard

# 1x Howard with Mark Sargent

# 3 chasing

# 3 and Nick |Rescino fighting it out

# 1x passing # 42

# 3 against Johnny Brazil

# 61

# 8

Howard with the front end folded Uh oh.............

Howard was a 2 time San Jose champion with 114 main event wins at San Jose ahead of Al Pombos 84 and Marshall Sargebt's 80

Updated 12/14/17