Harlan Wills

Harlan with Steve Lafond and Wags

Harlan with Wags and Mark Sokola

Harlan with Mike Nye

Harlan in the seat

Harlan with The Wags

Harlan with The Wags

Harlan with Wags

Harlan with Cory and Wags

Harlan with Wags

Harlan with Wags

Harlan with Wags

Harlan with Wags at The pit booth at Manzy

Harlan and the ladies

Harlan with his little ride

Harlan with Austin Mero

Harlan with Vinnie, Damion and Mike Nye


Harlan with Cory on the podium

Harlan getting the Wagtimes Best Appearing car Award from Wags

Harlan and his crew posing with the award

Harlan and Wags

Harlan and Mrs Wags

Harlan with a special Cory poster

Harlan and his dogs

Harlan and one dog

Harlan walking the dog

Harlan having a bite

Harlan and his dad

Harlan and an old Wags

Harlan with Rich Chesavage

Harlan with a bar

Harlan having a stogie

Harlan and Ben Lancaster

Harlan visiting in the trailer

Harlan and Bruce Bromme Jr

Harlan and Rich Chesavage at the Chili Bowl

Harlan and Steve Ostling

Harlan and Cory

Harlan and Cory

Harlan observing

Harlan chatting with a crewman

Harlan at work

Harlan with Rickie and some others

Harlan with Mike Nye and Trucker Frank

Harlan with Cory and Mark Priestley

Harlan's car got the shiney tire award

Harlan with Paul and helen Bagley and a few others

Harlan with Tony Jones and Verne Sweeney

Harlan with Joy Paulson

Harlan in his office with Joe Ellis

Harlan's # 45 got the best appearing car award

Harlan's 2001 championship trophy

Harlan and Rich Chesavage by the trailer

Harlan 50 years of racing

Harlan and Mike Spencer

Harlan and Kristine Lindahl

Harlan and Kristine Lindahl

Harlan with Ralph Tracy

Harlan with a stogie

Harlan in the winners circle

Harlan's back there

Harlan with the winner

Harlan at Cory's first win in El Centro

Harlan with a Damion win

Harlan with a COry win

Harlin with the trophy and the girl

Harlan and his buddy Hank

Harlan and Steve Ostling at Tulsa Ok 2005

Harlan and a puppy

Harlan and Cory and Cassie Kruseman

Harlan's cars

# 45

# 45

Best appearing car

And the award

# 45

Harlans shop

# 45

Harlan working

# 45

# 45

# 45 at Eldora

# 45

Harlan and Mike Kirby

# 45

# 7

# 45

# 45

# 45

I have great respect for Harlan as he is one of the most important and respected people I know in all my years with the CRA. He supported me and encouraged me along the way. Of course, being a championship car owner should tell you he has the respect of a lot of people. His car owner wins has to be over 50 before Cory went off to run back East. Harlan is special and it's nice to see good people succeed.

Updated 10/8/17