Gregg Stabb

Gregg with Julie laughing at me?

Gregg hanging in the pits

Gregg hanging

Gregg with Jon Stanbrough

Gregg with Wags at uSAC/CRA banquet

Gregg looking tough

Gregg relaxing



Gregg with Wags


I first met Gregg at Ascot when he pulled into the track with a spare car on top of the rig. I had not seen that before and it was probably mid to late 70's. He became a person of interest to me as we shared a friendship over the end of his driving career and the start of car ownership. He was a USAC official and ran the Lawrenceburg track for a while. Always had a smile and it was tragic when his house burned down and he later died from other problems. I miss him.

Updated 9/22/17

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