Grady Wade

Grady and Shane Carson

Grady and Shane

Grady and shane, who gets around

Grady and his family

Grady as a young man after a big Nationals win at OKC Fairgroounds

Grady with the fast time award with car owner Laverne Nance in 1963

Grady accepts a odel race car from little Eddy Collins

Grady stats

Grady with car owner Chet Wilson

Grady with # 4

Grady at an IMCA race

Grady with # 14

Grady and # 4

Grady with # 33

Grady with early Lance car

Grady with the Selenke # 43

Grady with # 4

Grady drove this Chet Wilson car

Grady after winning a trophy dash at Topeka

Grady in an old ride

Grady in # 43

Grady in # 33

Grady in # 25

Grady in his ride

Grady in the Speedway Motors # 4x

Grady at the Belleville High Banks

Grady in # 33

Grady in Chet Wilson's car with a cage for the first time

Grady driving Aaron Madden's car in 1972

Grady's ride # 43 on display

Grady # 82 and Ray Lee Goodwin # 97 playing chicken in 1967

Grady in # 43 inside on this one

Grady # 33 leading Rodgers # 3

Grady leading Dale Reed

Created 7/20/18