Eddie Wirth

Eddie by the Ascot wall dipicting his quick time record for the time

Eddie autographing

Eddie in front of the big Ascot sign I borrowed from John Barnes

Eddie ready for the bomber race

Eddie relaxing

Eddie walking around






Eddie with The Gasman Richard Griffin

Eddie and Jimmy Oskie

Eddie with Wags

Eddie with Ellen

Eddie with his wife Darice

Eddie in my mule with his wife Darice

Eddie interviewed by Chris Holt

Eddie with Wags

Eddie with Steve Davis

Eddie with Mike Sweeney

Eddie interviewed by Chris Holt

Eddie with Darice

Eddie and Darice

Eddie with Don Thomas

Eddie with Tim

Eddie autographing a book

Eddie at dinner

Eddie with Bob Bailey

Eddie visiting

Eddie with Dean Thompson

Eddie with Chris Holt

Eddie with Darice and a lady name Donna

Wagsdash Grand Marshal Eddie enjoys the chili at Ventura

Eddie with Ellen Ellis and Jimmy Oskie

Eddie with Chris Holt and Wags


Eddie with Kim and Korie Lafond

Eddie with Leigh Buttera and Steve Davis

Eddie with Jimmy Oskie and Dick Woodland

Eddie was a winner

Eddie with Larry and Myra Jolly

Eddie and his crew

Eddie posing with Biker Bruce, John Redican and Dick(?)

Eddie talking with Jimmy Oskie

Eddie with Darice and Paul Newman next to her

Patty Newman, actor Arthur Newman, Eddie Wirth and Darice Wirth at the Rocky Horror Picture show

Eddie with Tamale Wagon crew

Eddie with Cary Agajanian

Eddie and a trophy for his # 77

Eddie with the trophy girl

Eddie kissing the trophy girl

Eddie interviewed


Eddie and a trophy girl

Eddie the 1984 El Centro Fair winner interviewed by Don Gilchrest

Eddie with Ted Otto after another win

Eddie on the podium at Ascot with Bubby Jones and winner Sammy Swindell

Eddie in the car

Eddie in a bomber

Eddie at Okie City 1985 or 6

Eddie in # 77

Eddie in # 77 cooling down after a race

Eddie with the # 2x

The Ascot wall of records

1985 Champion Eddie Wirth

Banquet program

T-shirt graphic

Program May 1986

Program featuring Eddie on the cover

Another Eddie Wirth program

Ascot Program

Eddie in the program

Ascot program

Ascot program

Eddie bike and sprinter

Eddie drove a few cars

# 5 Tamale Wagon

# 16

# 77

# 2

# 2

# 2

# 2

# 5 Eddie in the Tamale Wagon at Okie City

# 5

# 16

# 19

# 19 at El centro 1979

# 75

# 75

# 75

# 75

# 77

# 77 Eddie at Santa Maria

# 77

# 77

# 77

# 77

# 77

# 77 Eddie at Ascot

# 77 Eddie

# 77

# 77

# 77

# 77

# 77

Eddie in the Tamalie Wagon against John Redican

Eddie against John Redican

# 77 inside Brad Nofffsinger

Eddie in # 2 and Rich Vogler in the Tamale Wagon

Eddie in # 77 and Ripper in # 37

Eddie in front of Bill Von Helmolt

# 77 against Deano

# 77 in the second row behind Bubby Jones and Deano

3 77 with John Redican , Jimmy Oskie and Brad Noffsinger

# 91 eddie chasing Greg wooley # 23

# 77 chasing Brent Kaeding

# 75 at Ascot in 1980

# 75 with Bill Von Helmot

# 75 with Brad Noffsinger chasing

# 75 inside Rick Goade and Mike Spencer Sr

# 77 leading at El Centro

# 77 leading the pack

Eddie inside Ron $human

Eddie going up and around Anthony Simone

Eddie at Ascot 1980

Eddie inside Steve Butler

Eddie inside Mike Spencer at Ascot 1981

Eddie's Bike days

Eddie and his bike # 77

Eddie in action # 26

Eddie after a big win

Eddie in third # 77

Eddie # 7

Eddie Wirth outside

# 84

# 77

# 77

# 77

# 26

# 84 making a jump at Ascot

# 77 Eddie outside

Eddie down behind Bud Waugh

Eddie sideways

Eddie was the 1985 CRA champion and won 33 CRA events over his career. He had 32 lifetime fast times and 32 Trophy Dash wins. He started in flat track motorcycles and I heard he was awesome. He was always good with the fans and had time for them. He was the Wagtimes 2002 Grand Marshal and it was fun watching him race the bombers with the rest of the Legends. He still comes around the races. I remember him bringing Paul Newman to Ascot where Paul was amazingly fast in a sprint car. Eddie is a true legend in racing. Even today he is very friendly when he comes to the races. What a smile!

Updated 8/16/18