(RIP) Dean Thompson


Deano looking where?

Dean was a winner from the beginning

Dean's sister Barbara

Deano with Eddie Wirth

Deano with Tony Simon

Deano in the pits

Dean with Jimmy Sills

Dean with Gary Sokola

Barbara getting interviewed at Don Weavers legends event

Deano and Chris Holt

Deano with Tony Simon and Lealand McSpadden

Bruce Jr with Bubby Jones and Dean Thompson

Deano with Bruce Bromme Jr by Owen Richards

Deano with Bubby Jones and Wags

With Bruce Jr (left) and Gary Tanaka, he was in the winners circle

Dean with Jimmy Oskie and Rick Goudy

Dean with Rick Goudy and Jimmy Oskie

Dean with Lealand McSpadden and Jack Hewitt

Deano with Bubby Jones and Lealand McSpadden

Deaan with Bob Hogle, Jimmy Oskie and Billy Wilkerson

Barbara Thompson with Bruce Bromme Jr, Carroll Shelby, Parnelli Jones and Ron Shaver

Barbara Thompson with Bruce Bromme Jr, Carroll Shelby, Parnelli Jones and Ron Shaver

Barbara Thompson with Carroll Shelby, Parnelli Jones and Ron Shaver

Barbara Thompson with Carroll Shelby and Parnelli Jones

Deano winning $125

Deano and Bubby on the podium

Deano on the podium with Lealand McSpadden and Steve Kinser

Dean with trophy girl and announcer Bruce Flanders

Dean with a trophy back in the day

Dean with Bruce SR and Jr

Dean being interviewed after a big win

Deano with the trophy girl

Dean after another win with JC Agajanian

Dean wins again

Dean with Norma Peabody, Gary Sokola and Steve Vodden

Dean interviewed after another win

Dean with Lealand McSpadden and Steve Kinser on the podium

Dean in the winner's circle again

Dean with Jimmy Oskie and Mike Sweeney

Dean getting a Kraco Car Stereo for cars

Dean getting congratulated

Dean after a 1980 CRA win

Dean getting a trophy from a cute young lady

Dean and another trophy

Dean with Bubby Jones on the podium

# 48 Dean and his sister Barbara

Dean Thompson and Bromme crew

Deano with crew

Deano with Bruce Sr

Deano with crew



Deano with Spencer, Atherton and Noffsinger


# 1 Deano


Deano in the seat

# 1 Deano mudded

Tshirt graphic

Deano drove some Little Red Suckers

The number 8 was a beautiful car!

# 1 Deano drove "the Little Red Sucker" at Ascot to 105 victories

# 14

# 1 Deano

# 1 Deano

# 1 Deano

# 1 Deano

# 1 Deano

# 1 Deano

# 1 Deano

# 1 Deano

# 1 Deano

# 2 Deano

# 2 Deano in Little red sucker

# 2

# 2

# 2

# 2 Deano

# 3 Deano

# 3 Deano

Dean packing the track

Dean with Bubby Jones packing behind him

Dean in his car wheeling it

Dean in the car with a cold one waiting on the hood

Dean running under Ron $human

Dean inside Walt Kennedy at Ascot 1980

Dean with Buster Venard in the Tamale Wagon at Ascpt 1980

Dean with Brad Noffsonger on his tail

Deano racing

Deano racing

Look at the injectors on the little red sucker

Deano in the third row at El Centro

Deano on the corner

Deano racing Lealand McSpadden

Deano and Chuck Gurney

The Dean and Bubby show was amazing

# 2 with Deano against Lealand

# 1 against Jimmy Oskie

Dean Thompson passed away on October 7th, 2003 during heart surgery. He was too young, but this is how life plays out. He was only 53 years old and spent most of his life around racing being a part of the sport he helped to build. He is one of the true icons of sprint car racing and was recognized everywhere he went. He made “The Little Red Sucker” a household name.

He drove for Bruce Bromme SR and JR for many years. His 103 CRA victories is still the all time best, and will probably stand forever. He was CRA Champion three times, and still holds many other records from his stellar career. He was the fast qualifier 106 times, won 53 trophy dashes, and was the rookie of the year in 1972.

Dean helped many along the way, and his most recent protégé, Jason Leffler (R.I.P.), went on to make him proud in USAC and now NASCAR before he lost his life racing. Dean tried a comeback, and perhaps suffered his worst crash in his career at Santa Maria. That convinced him to stay retired, but he stayed close to SCRA racing. Dean was known as one of the hardest drivers going into the turns at Ascot. The Dean & Bubby show, (his unreal battles with hall of famer Bubby Jones) is legendary. When people remember Ascot, they remember Deano in that ”Little Red Sucker” knocking them down a notch. He was Mr Ascot.

As boys, Dean and Bruce Jr shared a little quarter midget as their first racing experience. They both learned something: Dean that He could drive very well and Jr that he didn't want to drive a racecar. Junior wanted to work on em' and this his many years of crew chief superemecy over the field until he passed away.

I still remember Bruce Sr telling stories about Deano, especially the ones about his start in racing, and wish we had those down on paper somewhere. I will always remember Deano in that red car, and will forever hold him in my heart as one of the best of all time. He was a true legend at Ascot Raceway, the place he ruled for years. And now he is gone, but not forgotten. Rest in peace Deano, you will be missed.

Updated 5/24/18