CRA Officials

Sam Bahr

Steve Vodden and Shano

Lee Jaskowiak

Don Read

Lois Ward, Wilda Kindoll and Chris Holt



Lee, Don, Shane

Don,Lee, Tony Poole

Lee with Wags and Tom Mize

Lee Jaskowiack - Starter

Rusty Espinoza

Ron Schwartz

Lee with Wags

Lee Jaskowiak, ??? and Wags

Don Gillcrest

Sam Bahr

Shano and Steve Vodden

Lee Voddon, with starter Lee Jaskowiack

Tom and his grandson

Lee Jaskowiak with Rich Chesavage at Wagsland

Steve Vodden

One of the most seen racing crashes in CRA history. You can see Steve Vodden in the air after getting knocked off the flagstand. He never fully recovered from that one to this day.

Updated 7/9/17