Rick "Coach" Fulton

Coach in the pits

Coach on the track

Coach at Watsonville


Coach with THAT look?

Coach driving the water truck

Coach with the water hose

Coach on the track

Coach wandering the pits







Coach with beady eyes?

Coach the chopper expert

Coach on a break

Coachand Steve Lafond

Coach with Rickie Johnson

Coach pointing the way for Rickie?

Coach in the pits

Coach on the way to the track

Coach with Ali

Coach with an old High School buddy

Coach with a friend

Coach at the track maybe working

Coach with Christopher Fulton

Coach with Michael Smith

Coach with Nanette Voss

Coach having Danny Sheridan give them a lesson

Coach waiting

Coach on a four wheeler

Coach on his 4 wheeler

Coach movng to somewhere more important

Coach watching traffic

Coach on his 4 wheeler

Coach cruisin'

Coach on the phone?

Coach making a pass?

Coach checking on # 36

Coach waving

Coach on the lookout

Coach relaxing

Coach on a tractor

Coach on the tractor

Coach and his tractor

Coach on his big green machine

Coach on his ride

Coach working

Coach perparing the track


Coach at it again

Coach doing some daredevil riding

Coach says gone but not forgotten

One of the really nice guys in the sport who has added personality to the Perris track. Always pleasant and looking for the next challenge. He is loving his job!

Updated 1/6/18