Buzz Rose

Buzz induction into the Kosssuth Hall of Fame



Buzz at a Legends event

Buzz with the 2011 Kossuth Hall of Fame group

Buzz Rose, Jim McElreath, Dizz Wilson (all 3 in the NSCHF) and Official John Marcum at the 1st ever race at Eldora

Buzz with his beautiful Don Edmunds sprinter 1970

Buzz drove this car

Buzz and a trophy girl

Buzz with Daryl Arend and his # 1 car

Buzz in the # 1 car

Buzz in # 75

Buzz in Lester Robinson's Cadillac powered car

Buzz in the Jeffries sprint car 1962

Buzz at Allentown 19968

Buzz in # 1

Buzz in # 7 1969

# 7 in the pits

Buzz in Jim Marker's car at Manzy 1974

Buzz in # 4

Buzz in # 1

Buzz Rose sticks it to Jay Woodside, literally. That's Rose's RF tire in the cockpit of Woodside's car, some how Jay escaped uninjured.

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Created 10/5/18