Updated 3/4/21

Brett Roa

Miles Smart, Jim Tyler, Brett, Tom Roa Sr., Lance Shoeman, Tom Hardin

# 84

Brett receives the Billy Wilkerson Memorial Award for 2017. Something to show you how hard he works for his son and CRA racing. An awesome choice

It reads:

Dad getting a little rest?

Brett up to something

Brett having chili


Brett ready for a ride

Grandpa ready to party!






Brett and Eden

Brett and Eden at a banquet

Brett and Brody embrace after winning a big one

Brody and Brett

Brody and Brett

Brett and his dad

Brett with Steve Alexander

Brody with dad his crew chief, friend and hard worker

Brett and Brody wandering

Brett and Brody

Brett wandering

Brett and another crewman

Brett and his lovely wife Eden some time back

Brett and Brody

Brett with a guy that used to detail the cars

Brett and Joe Gibb


Brett and Tyler Sampson I think

Grandpa Roa in a conferance

Mike with Brett Roa and Cline's brother Carl

Wags leaning on Brett whos leaning on Brody, why?

Brett with Brody and Wags

A young Brody with Brett and Steve Foki

Brett with Mike Kirby and Doc Griffin

Brett hanging in the pits

Brett with Bruce Bromme Jr, Dean Mills and Mike Truex

Mike with Bret, Brody and Wags

Brett with Bruce Bromme Jr, Mike Truex and Dean Mills

Brett with Mike Kirby and crew after a win

Mike with Glenn Crossno, his wife, Julie Shiosaki and Brett and Brody Roa

Brody with the cash and dad with the booze at Santa Maria

Brody's crew

Brody and the crew

Winners circle at Hanford

Brody and his team

Brody and the team celebrate

Brody and his team

Brody wins again

Brody $5000 richer

Brody and the Wagtimers

Brody and team celebrating another big win

Brody and crew winning the big bucks

Brody and crew with Championship awards

Brody 2016 champion

Brody and crew winners

Brody and the crew

Wagsdash gathering after win at Ventura

First you win, then you drink Crown Royal

Brett workin' on the car

Brett working a tire on Mike Kirby's car

Brett by his # 84 ride

Brett working on a tire

Brett and Brody working on the # 91

Brett with Brody and the car

Brett with Brody and the # 91

Brody's pit

Pushing the car with grandpa in it

Brody watching the car

Brett working on the car

Brett talking to Brody

Brett with son Bradley and his father and Grandpa

Brody and Gavin

Brett as he was featured in an Ascot program back in the day

Brett's rides

# 84

# 84

# 84, yes that's Brett in 1983!

# 84 at El Centro 1984

# 84 outside Billy Boat in 1984

Brett leading Bubby Jones

A shot from Brett's driving days

An amazing man who raced sprint cars and then was Mike Kirby's crew chief and now helping his son Brody to be a special driver.