Bobby Kimbrough



Bobby reaping


Bobby on a ride


Bobby batman

Bobby and his beloved truck

Bobby and Turbo on the move

Bobby wandering

Bobby in love


Bobby sneaking up on Chris Holt

Bobby with Billy Boat

Bobby with Steve Ostling

Bobby with Gene Winfield

Bobby with Vic Edelbrock

Bobby and his brother Darrell

Bobby and Dennis Pittsenbarger

Bobby and Dennis again

Bobby with Robert Yates

Bobby with Tony "the Tiger" Simon

Bobby with Ed Pink

Bobby and Louis Senter

Bobby with Christi Edelbrock

Bobby with Jim Luikens

Bobby with Sam Memmolo

Bobby with Marla Sconyers Moore

Bobby with Larry Lype

Bobby with Kellie Colf

Bobby with David Cardey

Bobby with Alex Xydias

Bobby visiting a friend in the hospital

Bobby with JC Agajanian Jr

Bobby at the Justice Brothers Museum

Bobby with Jimmy Oskie and AJ Bender

Bobby with George Follmer and Parnelli Jones

Bobby has been an enlightning and supporting person to me even though his plate is always full. Watching him deal with others is fun as he can hold your attention. The things he gets involved in appeals to me sometimes, IE hot rods and cars, but it's always more fun to watch when we cross paths to see whats new. Bobby's got some historically famous racing people for friends. People who's names are well known and I've only read about them. Oh but if I could meet some of them and just hang out, I would feel truly blessed.

Updated 5/15/18