The front entrance

More front

And more

More people

A lealand print

Wall mountings

Neat pics

Wall pics


Ron $human pic

more pics

People admiring

# 2 Massey car

Donny Schatz car

Hank Arnold's Payola car

# 99

# 1

The Gasman car and duds

Jon stanbrough

Ellen Ellis with Jeff McSpadden anad his wife Carrie

A group with joe ^ Ellen plus Jim Herdrich

Lealand's driving suit

Lealand and Shane Carson

Janet McSpadden has someone's attention

Janet with a warm smile

The McSpadden feed

Mrs Wags with the Young McSpaddens

Jesse Hockett

An interesting picture

Charles Davis Jr

Nice trophy

Steve Stroud wandering in the crowd

Hills Brothers pedal car

Lealand and Janet with Jimmy Oskie

Janet enjoying herself

Joe and Ellen with Mrs Wags

Nice area

The legend Lealand McSpadden plaque

# 6

Kurtis Riley car

Wags trophy

More trophys

Cars on display

Tables to relax, eat and visit

Another group

Fran and Jim Herdrich with Mrs Wags

Fran and Jim

Another group


More stuff


Gary DeWitt's Duce




Nice view

Mrs Wags with Fran and Kaitlynn Thrasher


B Day cake for Mark Thrasher


Gary looking happy as the girls behind him talk stuff


Ricky Hood



Joe and Ellen

Mark, Fran and Mrs Wags

We parked in the back of the museum and the seats were ready for the Hall of Fame presentations.

An old antique and the Hall of Fame two seater are parked by the back entrance.

An oldie was one of many well known cars outside of the building showing additions tot he inside cars.

Thus JFK champion car was seen the week before at the Oval Nationals with Jimmy Oskie in the seat pacing the line-ups.

Mark and Janelle Thrasher enjoying the evening.

Ths car was once driven by Richard Griffin

A view in the back room

Some of the many pics on the walls of this very packed museum.

A proud moment seeing the Wagsdash Trophy complete with all the Wagsdash winners and the Grand Marshals emblazed on it. Also my Polka Dot Hat next to a pic of Richard Griffin and myself.

The very famous Hank Arnold Super that had a very destintive sound when on the track running hard.

Dick Woodland , left, talks with Museum owner Steve Stroud.

The front door saw people coming in and signing in there too!

Some interesting illustrations on the walls in the "coffe room".

Mark Thrasher was getting hustled to be Santa Claus at a Hall of Fame event coming up. This pretty lady was bussing the tables and generally having fun with everyone.

An oldie looks rady to race.

Donny Schatz car in the hall. Steve Strouds Parker Stores name has been on this cars sponsor list for many years.

Jesse Hockett once drove this locally owned car

A t-shirt quilt adorns the wall here.

Another wall of pics

Schatz world champion car

More stuff!


A nice oldie

Another old racer

More wall stuff

This, same room is to the right

Walls are packed

Kara Hendricks midget

To the right

Big trophy on right

Here it is!

More neat pics

Bill Kprbacher unaware of what's behind him. Thhis is why you never turn away from the qaction!

Nice oldie

Pic stands show even more


Even more

A little more

A Kyle Larson bunch of pics

More of the NASCAR superastar

A nice little car

Another view


Another little runner

Front view

Diecast alley!

Nice really big cars!

More biggie

This is the counter display as you come in the front door of the museum!

Here's that noisy Super Modified again!

More good stuff!

And more

Richard Griffin talks with Shane Carson

They fired this 4 cylinder up and it was a bit noisy too!

Wags wandering in the back

The back entrance

license plate says kngcarl

Wall displays

Windy's press box

Jimmy Blanton

Jimmy Blanton

A good crowd

Car display area


Mark Thrasher and Mrs Wags

Jim Fargo, Joe Ellis, Mark Thrasher and Mrs Wags

Joe, Mark and Mrs Wags

more people

Ben Thrasher, Mark and Wags

More people



Jim Fargo with his camera

# 81




Rickie Gaunt driver suit

More people

# 12

Car display

More of that

Denise Chery car


Steve Stroud and Wags

Steve with a pretty lady

Lealand McSpadden

Woody and Mickey Meyer

Mark and Bethany at check-in

The Wagsdash winners trophy

Windy with Steve Stroud

Windy with Bryan Clauson, Billy Boat and Lealand

Bryan Clauson, Billy Boat and Lealand and 2 more?

Shane Carson entertaining

Kevin Eckart

Jeff McSpadden and Wags yakking

Mark Thrasher and Marilyn Fargo

Joe Ellis watching Mrs Wags listening

More cars

Don't know what engine?

Steve Stroud visiting with Wags and others

Shane Carson and Jimmy Oskie

Jon Stanbrough with Mickey Meyer

Jimmy Oskie and Lealand with Janet

Jeff McSpadden with kevin Eckart and Wags

Jon Stanbrough checking it out

Joe Ellis, Jim and Fran Herdrich and The Wags

The feed is on

Fran Herdrich and a few hanging

The nice lady that works the store

The Wags

A nice group


Gary and Bethany DeWitt on the right

Kim and Roger Toops on the left

Two old geezers chatting

Another group enjoying the museum


Gary DeWitt

Created 9/28/17