(RIP) Allen Heath

Above Allen in the # 22 Caruso Kurtis Sprint Car at Williams Grove May 4, 1952


Allen in his ride at Kearney Bowl

Allen in his first race after loosing his left hand

Allen in # 44

Allen in # 44

Allen in # 44

Allen at Portland in April of 1947

Allen taking a checkered flag from Glen Shaw in 1946

Allen getting a trophy from a trophy girl 1946

Allen getting a kiss

Some stories of Allen

Speed Age from 1955

# 97

Allen at Playland in 1940

Allen in the Famighetti Special with Don Thomas in his roadster

Allen in the Bromme car against Louie Unser in the Manny Machados car

Allen under Billy Vukovich

Allen on top in # 22 at the Grove 1952

Allen # 97 under Clay Robbins # 52

Allen running third in # 97 behind Bob Hogle and Bob Coulter

# 97 Allen behind Dick Fries, Clay Robbins and Bob Coulter

Allen getting a trophy

Allen in # 44

Allen in # 9

Allen in # 7

Allen in # 73

Allen racing

Allen chasing Bob Hogle

Allen won 28 CRA victories in his career. He won his last race at Ascot on my birthday, May 23, 1964. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2000. Click here to view his list of wins.

Updated 5/12/18