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Don Flanders

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Many people are sad about the passing of Don Flanders, a man who gave back to the racers when he came into some hard earned money. There are few like him and his friends want everyone to know that. Don gave Wagsbucks to me for years for the racers, He supported the many Wagsdash races we held, he gave me money for particular racers to pass on to them, then in time went to the pits to pass it out himself. He was reluctant for the attention, but came to love that he could help our racers.

Some friends of Don's, starting with Big Fish from Arizona, have declared on the SCRAFAN.COM Message Board, that we collect money to give to those racers just like he would have done if he were still here. I want to help them, so I will also collect money in his honor in my normal Wagsbucks way. If you want to get involved, it's pretty simple, get money to Big Fish or his friends in Arizona, or to me. You can see me at the races and donate there, or you can mail a check to me at 429 Flores Circle, Las Vegas, NV 89123We can start collecting at The Canyon USAC/CRA races March 1/2. I will post all moneys coming to me and also the total payouts when they happen.

At the opening URA race at Victorville on March 16, we will honor him that night. I will walk the pits with a bucket and collect from the racers and then go out front and set up a table to continue the collecting. All the money collected will be put in the car owners hands that night.

All who are wishing to get involved are welcome.

On May 4th at Perris will be Don Flanders night and we will honor him as we collect money there for him and present to the racers as he would have done.

In addition Ken Flanders wife Diane is mking a t-shirt quilt for raffling off. Ken will be giving me some of Don's memorabilia to silent auction off. I will post some pics next week of the items and we can start the bidding by e-mail to and see how it goes.

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