Digital Images from Doug Allen!
Perris 11/17/07

Cory Kruseman and Levi Jones

Cory Kruseman

Mike Martin

Chris Windom and Kody Swanson

The Jones Nation lines up for a bow.

Cory Kruseman

Podium Mike Spencer, winner Cory Kruseman and Damion Gardner

Tony Jones and the Alexander Brothers Mark and Steve

Brad Kuhn, Chris Windom and Alan Ballard

Cory Kruseman and Jon Stanbrough

Mike Spencer

Michael Trimble, R J Johnson and Darren Hagen

Levi Jones

Don Kazarian talks with Tony Jones

Michael Trimble

Jon Stanbrough

Brad Kuhn and Jimmy Crawford

Tony Jones

Jordan Hermansader

Mike Spencer

The line-up for the main from the infield.

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