Digital Images from Doug Allen!
Tulare 11/15/09

Jon Stanbrough and Henry Clarke

Jon Stanbrough

Jon Stanbrough

Jon Stanbrough

Jon Stanbrough and crew

Jon Stanbrough and tall blond

Dave Darland

Rip Williams

Justyne Hamlin

Danny Faria

Danny Sheridan

Tracy Hines

Bud Kaeding

Chad Boat and Nic Faas

Henry Clarke and Chad Boat

Brady Short

David Cardey

John Stanbrough chased by the Roth Beefpacker car

Mike Spencer

Ronnie Gardner

Kyle Larson

Oops, Blake Miller is in the air.

Four wide with Henry CLarke, Cory Kruseman, Dave Darland and Jon Stanbrough on the front.

Bud Kaeding

Kyle Larson

Jon Stanbrough

Wags and Steve Lafond

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