Digital Images from Doug Allen!

Friday night Ovals

Dave Darland

Dave Darland

Dave Darland

Damion Gardner

Mike Spencer, Verne Sweeney and Carsen Mecado

Mike Spencer and Damion Gardner

Logan Williams

Richard Vander Weerd and Bud Kaeding

Richard Vander Weerd

Dave darland and Austin liggett

Dave Darland

Bud Kaeding on fire!

Aaron Farney

Danny Faria Jr and Austin Williams

Chase Stockin, Chris Windom and Dave Darland

Anthony Lopiccolo

Ryan Bernal

Austin Liggett and Parker Coleston

Brady Bacon

Jon Stanbrough

Brody Roa

Bret Mellenberndt, Carsen Macedo, chris Gansen

Carson Macedo

Dave Darland

Dave Darland

4 wide

Josh Hodges

Pas infield

Podium of Richard Vander Weerd, Dave Darand and Brady Bacon

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