Digital Images from Doug Allen!
Perris 11/07/09

Davey Pombo, Dave Darland and Peter Murphy

Ronnie Gardner and Bud Kaeding

Cole Whitt and Chad Boat

Dave Cardey's car

Brady Short

Austin Williams

Happy times?

Damion Gardner across the finish line.

Tony Jones receiving the wild card award from the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame for 2008.

Jon Stanbrough receiving the Dean Thompson Award

Cody Williams receiving the rookie of the year for 2008

Brady Short and Henry Clarke

Nick Faas and Cole Whitt

Danny Sheridan and Bud Kaeding

Podium winner Damion Gardner and more

Mike Spencer and Damion Gardner

And the winner is Damion Gardner

Levi Jones

Mike Spencer and Nick Faas

Jon Stanbrough, Levi Jones and Mike Spencer

Levi Jones and Darren Hagen

David Cardey

Dave Darland, David Cardey and Danny Sheridan.

Brian Clauson

Levi Jones

Cory Kruseman and Tony Jones

Bud Kaeding

A happy Bryan CLauson

Pit view at night

Podium Jon Stanbrough, Bryan Clauson and Levi Jones

Cody, Rip and Austin Williams

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