Digital Images from Doug Allen!
Perris 11/04/06

Kevin Kierce at work.

Seth Wilson takes a ride.

National USAC champion Josh Wise.

Mike Spencer won Friday night.

Tony Everhart at speed.

Brady Bacon and Cary Faas.

Matt Forstie

Shane Cottle came West for fun

Matt Mitchell does a wheelie alongside Andy Foresburg.

Chad Boespflug goes at it.

Blake Miller shows the sunset.

Alan Ballard

Jamie Barnes does a no no.



Three wide!!!

Bud Kaeding and Dave Darland

Jesse Hockett chased by the Demon

Rickie Gaunt slips up on Cory Kruseman

Jon Stanbrough runs under Charles Davis Jr

Mike Spencer whips Dave Darland here.

The "Kunz Kids" Darren and Brady mix it up.

Charles Davis Jr tries pulling the wheels to get after Cory Kruseman

The Outdoor channel announcer is cute interviewing Cory Kruseman

Don't know her.

Tony Jones

Again, Tony Jones

Mike Spencer won Friday night and was excited.

Podium view of Jon Stanbrough, Cory Kruseman and Mike Spencer.

Tony Jones won Friday nioght on a monster drive.

Dave Darland wins the eagle for the second year in a row.

The podium

Another podium shot

The champagne rewards.

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