Digital Images from Doug Allen!
Perris 11/03/07

Ovals Podium

Bud Kaeding on the track

Bud Kaeding

Rip Williams

Daron Clayton and Casey Shuman

Daron Clayton friday night winner.

Ricky Stenhouse, Cole Whitt, Kevin Swindell and Brad Sweet.

Slammin' Sammy

Tony Jones

Garrett Hansen

Daron Clayton and Shane Cottle

A view of the pits from turns 1/2.

Greg Staab and Chris Morgan

Rip Williams, Dustin Morgan and Michael Trimble

Rip Williams and Dave Darland

Damion Gardner and Kevin Swindell

Mike Martin and Ricky Stenhouse

Levi Jones, Daron Clayton and Damion Garder

Levi Jones and Jesse Hockett

Cory Kruseman and Brady Bacon

Bud Kaeding

Mike Spencer and Tony Jones

The 50 car out front

Bubby Jones

Great view of the Perris midway.

Damion Gardner

Grand Marshals Jack and Mary Ann Gardner with Don Kazarian.

Nadine Gardner

Mike Spencer

Ricky Stenhouse

Kevin Swindell


Nice Blond


Mrs Darland

Christine and Ricky Stenhouse.

Karen, not J-Rod


Tony Jones and Tanner Watson

Darren Hagen

The Wags in the Mule.

Daron Clayton winner

Jesse Hockett winner.

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