Digital Images from Doug Allen!
Perris 11/01/08

Greg Bragg

Jessie Hocket

Brad Sweet

Kyle Hirst

Robert Ballou

Danny SHeridan

Seth Wilson

Robert Ballou, Hunter Scheurenberg and Rusty Carlile

Royal Adderson

Brandon Thomson

Tracy Hines

Chris Windom and Bud Kaeding

Cory Kruseman

Damion Gardner

Steve Lafond catches a ride with Wags

The Wags or is Santa Claus early?

Rodney Argo

Rip Williams and Jack Jory recieve jackets for being the Grand Marshals from DOn Kazarian.

Jimmy Sills

Dave Darland

PAS official Jerry with miss plenty.

Mr Grumpy Sammy Swindell

Don Kazarian and Chad Boat

Jerry Coons Jr

Is this helmet always empty?

Tracy Hines

Brad Sweet

Stock car pace car driver

Cody Williams, Brent Camarillo and Hunter Scheurenberg

Rusty Carlile getting a push.

Tony Jones and Bud Kaeding

Tracy Hines

Brent Camarillo, Josh Ford and Rusty Carlile in three wide racing.

Mike Spencer

Super Rickie on top of Josh Ford

Greg Bragg and Robert Ballou

Darren Hagen

A packed pits!!!

Chucko talks with Wags

Brian Camarillo

Tony Jones

Podium winner Tony Jones, Damion Gardner and Blake Miller.

Tony Jones and Mike Spencer

Tony Jones YES!

David Cardey and his Slammer

David Cardey, YES!!

Podium od winner David Cardey, Jerry Coons Jr and Damion Gardner.

Duke McMillan's caR.

Baron Hagen and Jesse Hockett

Jesse happy

Jesse Hockett with his horse collar

Podium of Jesse Hockett, Kevin Swindell and Jerry Coons Jr

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