Digital Images from Doug Allen!
Thursday 360 Ovals show

Mike Spencer

Podium Ryan Bernal, winner Mike Spencer and Matt Mitchel

Mike Spencer with his eagle trophy

Mike Spencer

Bobby Michnowicz with infield announcers Chris Holt and Ronnie everhart

Verne Sweeney

Charles Davis Jr

Jimmy Crawford

J J Ercse

A J Bender

Danny Faria

Bob Ream

Dennis Howell

JohnnY Bluntach

Charles Daqvis Jr

Cory Kruseman

Brody Roa

Verne Sweeney

Cory Kruseman and Harlan Willis

J J Ercse and Steve Sussex

Brody Roa and Jonathon Henry

Richard Vander Weerd

Four wide

Bryan Clausion and Landon hurst

Jonathon Henry and Don gansen

Danny Faria, Jon Stanbrough and Mike Martin

Marcus Neimella

Matt Mitchell

Bryan Clauson

Bob Ream and R J Johnson

Troy Rutherford

Mike Spencer

Mike Spencer

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