Digital Images from Doug Allen!
Perris 10/22/05

The old timer car show outside the Legends of Ascot tent. Many neat oldies were parked out there all afternoon with half of them heading for the track to ha ve a little track time between racing later.

Two beauties in action.

Damion Gardner gets the wheels up as he battles with Danny Sheridan early in the night.

Seth Wilson locks the Warbird on the Demon.

Jeremy Ellerston tries outside the Tooth Doc, Jim Giardina.

Cory Kruseman and crew at work after big opening lap boo boo.

More Kruseman work on the battered racer

The winner, Josh Ford, at speed.

Josh Ford in the winners circle of pictures.

Josh and girlfriend Wendy in the joy of winning.

The trophy will mean something to this young man.

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