Digital Images from Doug Allen!
September 14 the Glenn Howard Memorial

Nic Faas beating Mike Spencer

Winner Nic Faas

Nic Faas and crew

A smiling Nic Faas

Richard Vander Weerd

Rickie Gaunt

Cory Kruseman

Damion Gardner

Danny Faria

Matt Mitchell

Mike Spencer

Cody Williams

david Cardey

Brody Roa

Rip Wiliams

Bud Kaeding

Austin Williams

A J Bender

Johnny Bluntach got a llitte attention from the EMT's

A smokin' Seth Wilson leads the Demon

Seth Wilson and crew at work on smokey motor

Rip Williams and Brody Roa

Jace Vander aWeerd and greg Alexander

Mike Spencer and Nic Faas

Davir Bezio reaches for the sky

Richard Vander Weerd and Austin Williams

Seth Wilson and Richard Vander Weerd

Cory Kruseman Leads the eventual winner Nic Faas

Nic Faas cheers another win

Nic Faas with his mom and?

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