Digital Images from Doug Allen!
Doug from Perris Hall of Fame night

Damion Gardner showwing the tribute sticker of Bruce Bromme Jr

Podium of Austin Williams, winner Damion Gardner and Kevin Thomas Jr

Damion celebrates

Damion Gardner

Too old Too soon, appropriate and I get it

Moose leaders Tom and Laurie Sertich

Damion Gardners Green Demon salt flat special

Another shot

Danny Lewis was part of the Bromme Jr honoring ceremony

Old and new little red suckers in memory of Bruce Bromme Jr

Brody Roa

Garrett Hansen

Jeremy Ellertson

Cody Williams

Jake Swanson

Matt Mitchell

Corey Ballard

Austin Williams

Kenny Perkins

Brody Roa

Logan Williams

The Williams Brothers Cody and Austin on the gas

Jeremy Ellertson leads the little red sucker

4 wide line-up before the feature

The Alexander crew pose after Damion's 7th win of the year

Kevin Thomas Jr leads Nic Faas in the Ford Motorsports cars

Kevin Thomas Jr

Damion Gardner

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